Prosperident Pulse #44, April 2016

Prosperident’s Dental Prosperident Pulse
Issue #44 — April 2016
In This Issue:
    • You Just Discovered Embezzlement — Now What?
  • Upcoming speaking dates
  • New Service — FraudGuard
Apr 5 North Shore Implants & Oral Surgery, Huntington NY
Apr 26 Will County Dental Society, Joliette IL
Apr 29 Port Huron Study Club, Port Huron MI
May 5 Ontario Dental Association, Toronto ON
May 13 Eastside Dental Study Club, Cincinnati OH
May 29 Journees Dentiare Internationale du Quebec, Montreal QC
Oct 15 Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists, Palm Springs CA
Nov 10 Carestream Global Oral Health Summit, Las Vegas NV
Jan 26 topsOrtho topsFest, Newport Beach CA
26 Jan Manitoba Dental Association, Winnipeg MB
Feb 3 Newport Harbor Academy of Dentistry, Newport Beach CA
We would love to speak for your group or study club — for more information, or to book a fantastic speaker for your society or study club, please click here.
Introducing FraudGuard
Something that many dentists have asked us for is an examination of the systems in use in their office to identify weaknesses that embezzlers could exploit.
We listened, and are pleased to announce the launch of our FraudGuard service.
FraudGuard is an affordable review of more than 25 systems in use in your practice in five key areas.
We also do something really important — where possible, we test to ensure that your policies are being followed.
You receive a report with detailed recommendations for improvement.
For more information, click here.
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Guest Column — You Just Discovered Embezzlement; Now What?

Darren Kaberna of AccelerateMyPractice is a most interesting man. A prolific writer, Darren has also consulted in over a thousand dental practices. Darren is a true student of human behavior. We are thrilled to have him as this month’s guest columnist. Let’s see what he has to say:

The Prosperident team does an amazing job of uncovering and assisting
you in dealing with the legal issues around embezzlement. You now
have this done, are feeling violated and are not sure how to
recover. Now what???
I believe that many doctors sitting in this circumstance
continue feeling jaded and rightfully so! But how does this
impact the quality of your life moving forward? How does your remaining
team, who are also shocked and in disbelief, feel? Do
they now think like you look at them distrustfully? The only thing worse than uncovering embezzlement, would be then to run
your practice the rest of the way into the ground. I am not trying to
be crass with these statements, but your next few months will make or
break your financial future! Choose wisely!
So what can be done to first rebuild a trusting relationship with
your remaining employees and recover from the economic losses?
A Note From Our CEO
If you follow my tweets ( you know how common dental embezzlement is, and it’s easy to get the sense that the battle against employee theft is hopeless.
When my team and I built Prosperident, initially we viewed our challenge as to build a top-notch investigation firm. We surrounded ourselves with some brilliant and dedicated investigators, and we developed the infrastructure needed for us to use the considerable brainpower we have assembled here. The result is that Prosperident not only provides the highest standard of investigation, but we can do so affordably and fairly quickly. So far, so good.
But over the last few years, we have felt the need to make use of the knowledge and resources available to us to “get ahead of” embezzlement. So rather than just investigating theft after the fact, can we detect it, predict it or even prevent embezzlement? Our answer was “Yes”!
Prosperident is pleased to have two fantastic tools available to spearhead the war against embezzlement.
The first is our Embezzlement Risk Assessment Questionnaire (available here), a quick and affordable questionnaire that determines the likelihood that you are being embezzled.
And today we are thrilled to announce a second tool, FraudGuard. You can read more about it on the sidebar, or on our web site here, but in a nutshell, the FraudGuard service involves a review (and improvement) of office systems, along with compliance testing to determine if your in-place systems are actually being followed.
So we can now offer you the ability to assess risk and ensure that your practice’s systems are decidedly “embezzlement-unfriendly.” So if you want to approach embezzlement proactively, please reach out to us and we will be happy to make recommendations based on your situation. And if you are past that point and need our investigative services, we are definitely in that business as well Laughing.
Thanks for reading, and we always love to hear from you.
David Harris CPA, CMA, MBA, CFE, CFF
Chief Executive Officer
Prosperident — the world’s largest dental embezzlement investigation firm
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