Prosperident Newsletter #45, May 2016

Prosperident’s Dental Embezzlement News
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Issue #45 — May 2016
In This Issue:
  • The “Hall of Shame”
  • Upcoming speaking dates
  • Wisdom from our CEO
May 6Ontario Dental Association, Toronto ON
May 13Eastside Dental Study Club, Cincinnati OH
May 29Journees Dentiare Internationale du Quebec, Montreal QC
Oct 15Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists, Palm Springs CA
Oct 21Business of Dentistry, Ottawa ON
Oct 28Business of Dentistry, Montreal QC
Nov 10Carestream Global Oral Health Summit, Las Vegas NV
Nov 18Business of Dentistry, Mississauga ON
Nov 25Business of Dentistry, Dartmouth NS
Jan 26topsOrtho topsFest, Newport Beach CA
26 JanManitoba Dental Association, Winnipeg MB
Feb 3Newport Harbor Academy of Dentistry, Newport Beach CA
April 7UCSF Alumni, San Francisco CA
Tired of hearing the same speakers on the same topics? Our most-requested presentation is called “How To Steal From A Dentist.” How’s that for catchy? To book us for your meeting or study club, click here or call us at 888-398-2327.
Proactivity = Office Protection System
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Prosperident’s “Hall of Shame”

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Want to see what happens to embezzlers? Our Hall of Shame immortalizes some of the people who embezzle from dentists.
Click here to have a look. And if you see anyone you recognize, give Prosperident a call.
A Note From Our CEO
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Prosperident has been at the leading edge of investigating dental office embezzlement for
many years. We have built a business around knowing how embezzlers steal and conceal.
But for most of our quarter-century existence, we have been using this knowledge reactively — we have been chasing, and catching, embezzlers after they have done their work.
We also have a bird’s eye view on the financial and emotional devastation that embezzlement causes, and we have never stopped thinking about how our knowledge could be used so that that fewer dentists are victimized.
What always restrained us was our oft-stated belief that prevention of embezzlement is impossible; embezzlers are faced with a cornucopia of possibilities, and that blocking a few through controls would result in a would-be embezzler selecting another of their many options.
And then we had the flash of inspiration — if we can’t dissuade someone from trying, could we structure an office so that theft becomes riskier, and more likely to be caught? We realized that we could, and fraudGUARD was born.
Office Protection System begins with a thorough review of the embezzlement “hotspots” in an office. Next, we teach the doctor how to efficiently monitor their practice. And for dessert, the most important part — “compliance auditing.” This is where we test to determine whether your staff are following your rules. I don’t think it would surprise you to learn that if staff won’t follow your basic policies, it is a pretty safe bet that they will also ignore the policy called “don’t steal from me.”
Want to find out more? Give Prosperident a call at 888-398-2327 and we will be happy to help. Or click here.
Thanks for reading.
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David Harris CPA, CMA, MBA, CFE, CFF
Chief Executive Officer
Prosperident — the world’s largest dental embezzlement investigation firm
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