We hear it all the time from meeting organizers — it’s getting progressively harder to get dentists to go to meetings. There are probably a lot of factors — busy lives and the increasing availability of online content probably contribute.

But another factor may be involved.  Many meetings feature the same speakers offering the same content that they have for years. And potential attendees feel that they have heard it all before, and stay home.

If you are someone involved in planning meetings, you are always interested in a topic and speaker that offer an experience that is different from what most speakers provide. And we are here to help.

Prosperident’s speakers are all highly experienced dental fraud investigators. In the course of their work, they encounter every imaginable scenario.  From churchgoing employees who have taken millions of dollars from the dentists they work for, to doctors stealing from their business partners in group practices, to people stealing from their dentist-spouses in the run-up to a divorce, we have seen it all.

Our presentations (which have intriguing titles like How To Outsmart An Embezzler and The Walletectomy) have the same kind of appeal as watching a good police drama on television.

But it’s not just entertainment — the cases we use provide excellent teaching points that will help our audiences, which should be limited to doctors only, understand the causes of embezzlement, and how to avoid being victimized.

There’s one more thing — this content is available to live audiences only. We do lots of podcasts, articles and interviews. But because embezzlers have access to all of these media, there are some topics that we won’t discuss except in front of a live audience. So your meeting isn’t competing with the online world.

So please contact us to book an innovative and exciting speaker for your group.

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