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How many dentists have already been embezzled?


Did you know that 80% of dentists will be embezzled at some point in their careers?  If you have 100 dental clients, it is likely that 5-10 of them will be stolen from this year.  The dentist with embezzlement worries will often look to you, their accountant, for answers, and that’s where the Prosperident team can help. 

Dental embezzlement can be almost invisible. Employee theft in dentistry predominantly takes the form of theft of revenue, and it is typically concealed inside the dentist’s practice management software (PMS). Our staff has specific PMS expertise that gets to the answers you need quickly.  Performing intensive exploration of transactions in practice management software is one of our core competencies, as are providing expert reports and testimony. 

Our 18 fraud investigators have dental-office backgrounds and about half are former practicing dentists. We also have experience in office management, practice management software training, or consulting. Established over 30 years ago, Prosperident is a dentistry-only forensic accounting firm.  Our team has a simple mission — to protect dentists from the scourge of embezzlement, and we perform hundreds of investigations for dentists annually. 

If you have concerns about a client, want to acquire more diagnostic tools that can help you serve your dental clients better, or would like to host an embezzlement webinar for your clients, we would love to hear from you. 

Our CEO, David Harris (who is a Forensic CPA himself) personally maintains our connection with the accounting community. Click the button below to arrange a time to speak with David.