It Happens in England Too — Dental Practice Manager Rachael Carvell Committed Steal of £80,000 From Her Employers to Prop Up Her Failing Bar Business


Dental practice manager Rachael Carvell stole £80,243 from her employers to prop up her own failing business, a court heard.

Rachael Carvell was given an 18-month suspended prison sentence after taking the money from Fosse Dental Care, in Leicester, to pay the bills at Oscars bar.

Carvell (43), of Henley Road, Western Park, Leicester, pleaded guilty to fraud at the dental practice between January 2012 and February last year.

Rachael Carvell stole to prop up her own business

Prosecutor Alan Murphy told Leicester Crown Court how Carvell took the money to prop up the bar in Hinckley Road that she and her husband had bought.

He said Carvell had hidden the money problems at Oscars from her husband, who knew nothing about the thefts.

Mr Murphy said Carvell had started at the practice in Fosse Road Central, Leicester’s West End, in 1990 and had worked her way up to the position of practice manager.

He said that she became solely responsible for banking the cash that was taken from customers on the front reception desk.

He said: “She was completely trusted by the partners and was allowed to count the monies on her own in a back room.”

Mr Murphy said that she began taking between £200 and £600 a week from the practice to pay the bills at the bar.

The court heard that partners at the practice noticed discrepancies between the amount of money taken at the reception and the total deposited at the bank.

When suspicion fell on the two practice managers, Carvell admitted her guilt.