Long-time Michigan office manager Rhonda Wilson convicted for $180K steal from orthodontic office

Rhonda Wilson
Rhonda Wilson


Rhonda Wilson, a business manager for a Holland Township orthodontic practice, is in jail after she pleaded guilty last week to embezzling from the father-daughter practice.

Rhonda Lee Wilson, 58, pleaded guilty in Ottawa County District Court to embezzlement of between $50,000 and $100,000 for crimes dating back to 2007, but Dr. Daniel George says she was stealing from the practice for at least seven years.

It’s a more common problem than the Georges thought.
“Out of the woodwork, people are calling, saying, ‘This happened to us as well,'” George said. “The reason we prosecuted is because we had friends, they didn’t prosecute, and (perpetrators) went on and embezzled elsewhere.”
Wilson received eight months in jail and 36 months probation, Ottawa County Prosecutor Ron Frantz said.
“That’s nothing,” George said. “If you went (to prison) for years, that would sure get your attention.”

Rhonda Wilson to pay $180K restitution

Wilson will also have to pay more than $180,600 in restitution to the Georges, according to sheriff’s documents.

Read more here — https://www.hollandsentinel.com/story/news/2011/07/19/orthodontic-business-manager-rhonda-lee/45301532007/

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