Lodi California Dentist’s Bookkeeper Sandra Salazar Malloy Pleads Guilty to Steal of $150K

Sandra Salazar Malloy
Sandra Salazar Malloy

Sandra Salazar Malloy, accused of stealing more than $150,000 from a Lodi dentist, pleaded guilty in court on Wednesday.

Sandra Salazar Malloy, 53, of Galt, pleaded guilty to felony grand theft and embezzlement charges; and as part of her plea deal, other charges against her were dismissed, San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney Stephen Taylor said.
The investigation into Malloy started in September. She was the bookkeeper for dentist Dr. Gary Silva when he fired her. Silva then hired a forensic accountant in October, who found that Malloy was embezzling money from the dentist’s practice.

Sandra Salazar Malloy stole >$150K

Taylor said Malloy admitted to stealing cash from patient payments. Further investigation found Malloy stole more than $150,000 by running “refunds” on Silva’s credit card terminal to her personal bank debit cards.
Records show this isn’t Malloy’s first time embezzling money from a dentist. In 1994, she was prosecuted and convicted of stealing from a Stockton dentist. Taylor said it is unclear how much she stole and if the money was recovered.
Malloy faces a possible four-year state prison term. If she makes pre-sentencing restitution, Malloy could receive probation for this crime with a possible jail term, Taylor said.

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