What We Do

Prosperident offers a specialized range of services to address your embezzlement concerns. Whether you are looking for an investigation, a system to help you fraud-proof your office, litigation support services, or a speaker for your next event, we have just what you need.

Diagnostic Examination

This service is designed to allow practice owners concerned about embezzlement to determine whether those concerns are justified.  Our Diagnostic Examination involves a thorough and stealthy review of the transactions in your practice management software and elsewhere to confirm whether your suspicions are valid.

Forensic Investigation

This form of investigation is employed when embezzlement has already been discovered. The forensic investigation involves gathering information and evidence to assist with swift and legal employee termination, recovery of stolen funds and proper entry into the justice system.

Office Protection System

OPS® is a complete diagnostic review of a practice’s policies, procedures, and systems performed by one of our OPS® specialists. OPS® is designed to provide your office with the structure necessary to protect you against embezzlement.

Litigation Support Services

Our litigation support services include:

  • Due diligence when purchasing a practice
  • “Buyer’s remorse” and seller misrepresentation in purchase disputes
  • Disputes between owners in a group practice
  • Fact-finding, expert reports and providing expert testimony
  • Family law matters involving dental practices

Speakers’ Bureau

If you are looking for an educational speaker who will have your group talking, look no further. Our speakers deliver presentations that are educational, as well as remarkably entertaining. If you are ready to have your ears and eyes opened at your next event, our speakers will do that for you.