Speakers’ Profiles

David Harris, CEO

Forensic CPA / Certified Fraud Examiner / Licensed private investigator

50+ presentations annually

David’s speaker’s page is HERE

Wendy Askins, Supervising Examiner

Certified Fraud Examiner with 10 years of experience

Specializes in orthodontic and complex investigations

Has spoken at AAO, other national/regional events

Wendy’s speaker’s page is HERE

Pat Little, Senior Fraud Examiner

Certified Fraud Examiner and former practicing dentist

10 years of experience investigating embezzlement

Has spoken at every major dental meeting in the US

Pat’s speaker’s page is HERE.

Amber Weber, Senior Fraud Examiner

Recent runner-up in prestigious Spotlight on Speaking competition

On-camera personality for Prosperident’s Webinar Series (20 episodes)

Office manager and dental hygienist before joining Prosperident

Amber’s speaker’s page is HERE.