Someone who works at a dental office actually asked this (stupid) question online about using a stolen credit card. Would she have any hesitation about embezzling?

Stolen Credit Card

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Will I get caught if I charged a stolen credit card?

My coworker and I were parking at Walmart when we see a cart with a purse. It was both of our ideas to get the purse and search it, but I’m the one who got off and got it. She kept the cell phone for herself and I took a credit card. I charged the credit card to a nail salon as a $400 gift card. I know have the gift card from the salon of $400 my coworker got rid of the purse. The downfall is that I called the nail salon and she mentioned that I was calling from a dental place (my work) I told her that that wasn’t really where I worked that I worked down the street at another place but that we’ve been getting many calls about problems with our phone lines. I told her my sister was gonna got pick up the gift cards but I went instead and she had no idea I was the girl on the phone. What can happen? Can I get caught?
And here is the winning answer:
Here’s the really cool part of this whole deal: when you ARE caught, you get to go to jail, where the other girls will beat you up and steal all of your belongings.
Then, you get to go to court, where you will be convicted of grand theft and credit card fraud. You’ll be sentenced to more jail time, and hopefully, prison time. You’ll also be fined – probably thousands of dollars. Of course, you won’t make your payments to the court for the restitution or the fines, and you’ll go back to court for failure to pay. The judge will sentence you to more time in jail, and you’ll still owe the fines.
Of course, you’ll figure out that you’ll have to keep stealing to make enough money to pay off the court, but you’ll get caught again. As a repeat offender, you’ll go to prison. There, some bull dyke will make you her “wife,” and you’ll have a very special relationship with your new master. And you’ll probably get shanked a few times, cut up with razors and such, so your pretty face will be a mess of scars.
Eventually, they’ll let you out of prison, and you’ll find that you can’t get a job because you’re a convicted felon and because no one wants you working the “want fries with that” counter because you’d scare their customers off with your scarred up face. You’ll end up turning tricks to make money, and one after another of your customers will beat you up, steal from you, rape you, and break your bones.
You’ll turn to drugs to try and ease the pain, and get into deep debt with your dealer. He will become your pimp, making you go out every night to make enough money to pay him off. You’ll get beat up more often, and life will just suck.
A thief like you is a pathetic excuse for a person.

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