Ten Things You Might Not Know About Prosperident

Sometimes we make the mistake of assuming that everyone knows who we are and what we do.  Here are ten things you might not know about Prosperident:
1.  The company was founded in 1989, by David Harris
2.  David got drawn into the dental embezzlement world by accident.  Once he found himself there, his investigative skills and amazing ability to think like a criminal quickly established him as the “top gun” of embezzlement investigation for dentists.
3.  Prosperident only assists dentists.  We do not investigate in other businesses, nor do we work for dental insurance companies, the IRS, etc.
4.  We work with all dental specialties and have specialized groups to deal with embezzlement in oral surgery and orthodontic practices.  Our Special Investigations” group deals with some of our more unusual cases.
5.  Our dozen investigators all had extensive dental backgrounds before they started training to be Prosperident fraud examiners.  Half have completed their Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) designation, which is the “gold standard” of fraud examination.
6.  Our examinations are completely stealthy — no one but you will know that we are involved.  Normally, our investigations are done remotely and without a (probably conspicuous) visit to your office.
7.  We do a lot of speaking, and five members of our team are accomplished speakers.  In a typical year, we do 60 or more speaking engagements — everything from big meetings like the Hinman and Chicago Midwinter to local study clubs.
8.  We offer three products — Diagnostic Examination(for when a dentist wants to know if he or she is being embezzled), Forensic Investigation (for when embezzlement has been confirmed), and Owner Proactive Strategies, which is a preventative product designed to minimize the probability and impact of future embezzlement.
9.  The most popular section of our website is the Hall of Shame, where we profile over 550 embezzlers.  It’s a great place to look before hiring someone — check it out HERE.
10.  Our favorite color is blue 🙂