Wendy Askins – Great Speaker tells about 10 years of embezzlement investigation

Wendy Askins

Wendy Askins, CFE, MBA

Before Wendy joined Prosperident in 2012, she ran an orthodontic Dental Services Organization. Wendy’s position as a Supervising Examiner puts her at the apex of Prosperident’s investigative team, and she receives some of our most challenging embezzlement investigations, and also acts as a filed trainer for newly-hired fraud examiners.

Wendy Askins is one of Prosperident’s Top Guns!

Wendy speaks on the following topics and has spoken at local, regional and national dental conferences:

  • How to Outsmart an Embezzler
  • Swindles, Cheats, and Scams in the Dental Office
  • How not to Make the Worst Hiring Mistake of Your Life!
  • Creating a Roadmap to Anti-Fraud Office Policies

 Wendy’s LinkedIn profile is HERE.

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