California Dental Office Manager Amanda Boling Guilty of Steal of 130K – facing 3 years

Amanda Boling
Amanda Boling

STOCKTON – Amanda Boling, a former dental office manager, has pleaded guilty to embezzling from her former employer, Kevin Fleming, a Lodi dentist.

Amanda Marie Boling, 31, admitted to taking more than $65,000 from Fleming, said Deputy District Attorney Stephen Taylor. But the actual loss was about $137,000, Taylor said.

Boling was a trusted employee with 12 years at Fleming’s practice. Through a financial audit, the dentist found Boling was paying herself unauthorized money and labeling them “bonuses,” “overtime” and “reimbursements” in the accounting system, Taylor said.

Boling is scheduled to be sentenced May 11, the same day she will learn how much restitution she must pay.

Amanda Boling Facing 3 Years

The maximum sentence Boling could face is three years for the theft, plus one more year for an amount over $65,000. Under California’s new “realignment” sentencing laws, Boling’s sentence may be a combination of jail time, community service and probation. Any incarceration would be in San Joaquin County Jail.

“The District Attorney urges local businesses and professions to get insurance against employee theft, to rotate job duties frequently, and to review budgets and accounting totals and transactions at random – watching for ratios changing, or ratios running high or numbers that seem off,” Taylor said.

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