Amber Weber-Gonzales – Accomplished Speaker Who Will Delight Your Audience of 20 or 100

Amber Weber Prosperident Speaker

Amber Weber-Gonzales has fulfilled many roles in dentistry. A dental hygienist, then an office manager, a consultant, a Prosperident Senior Fraud Examiner, and in 2022, Amber was named as the head of Prosperident’s Proactive Services Department.

Amber is also an author for dental publications, and you can read one of her articles HERE.

Book Amber Weber-Gonzales for Your Event

Amber Weber-Gonzales’ speaking career began with her involvement as an on-camera host for the highly successful Prosperident Webinar Series. Her first in-person speaking was richly rewarded, as she took runner-up honors in the prestigious Spotlight on Speaking competition.

Check out Amber’s demo video below. Her clear messaging and down-to-earth delivery make her a favorite of meeting planners.