Another Embezzler Joins the Exclusive “Half Million Dollar Club”

The Half Million Dollar Club consists of embezzler who have stolen more than $500,000 from their practices.
The man, I’ll refer to him as Dr. Smith, was sitting in a leather chair in his attractive reception area. He was a well-dressed, distinguished-looking man who appeared every bit like the highly respected dental specialist he is. He is in the prime of his career and obviously accustomed to being the master of his domain.

This day, however, it was evident that things were not well in Dr. Smith’s kingdom. He was agitated and obviously resentful of the intrusion I was making into his life. “You’ve made a mistake,” he told me. “This can’t be right.”
There was no mistake; the news I had just given him was accurate. His trusted office manager of nearly 20 years had been stealing from his partners and him. On receiving this information, Dr. Smith leaned forward, placed his head in his hands, and fell silent.
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