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How to Identify and Minimize Employee Theft in a DSO

You may believe that DSOs are less vulnerable to embezzlement than solo or smaller group practices, but it is in fact a significant industry-wide issue. DSO Embezzlement While it is easy to understand the vulnerability of solo and small group practices to embezzlement, it is tempting to believe that

David Harris Is Interviewed on the Propreneur Podcast with Dino Watt

The Propreneur Podcast hosts many of dentistry's thought leaders.

Everyday Practices Podcast

David Harris was the guest of Dr. Chad Johnson and Regan Robertson on Productive Dentist Academy's podcast. Check out Productive Dental Academy's website HERE.

Attorney Steve Kaufman's The Dental Call - David Harris Talks About Embezzlement - 2 reasons Staff Steal

Baltimore attorney Stephen Kaufman discusses dental embezzlement with Prosperident CEO David Harris in his monthly Dental Call. Want to sign up for future episodes of the Dental Call? You can do so HERE. Steve Kaufman Dental Attorney Want to know more about Stephen Kaufman? Check

Prosperident's David Harris Featured in Dental Economics

I recently received the following email from a dentist: “My embezzler passed my references check. I asked for six references, and she passed with flying colors… and then proceeded to rob me blind. I thought that maybe y’all needed to make a post about it, or SOMETHING, to the world of dentistry, because seriously,

Embezzlement in the Orthodontic Practice by Wendy Askins

Prosperident's Wendy Askins is one of our most experienced investigators. She heads our orthodontic / oral surgery group, and conducts some of our most challenging investigations. She has both an MBA and the Certified Fraud Examiner designation. So Wendy definitely knows her stuff. In Wendy's February 2018 article in

Prosperident's David Harris featured in Incisal Edge Magazine

Bill Aquilino, Kay Huff, and David Harris David Harris was thrilled to be in the Winter 2018 edition of Incisal Edge Magazine with Benco's Kay Huff and Bill Aquilino. Their article, A Thief in the Family is available here -- />

Webinar with our friends at Cirrus Group

Here is Prosperident's CEO David Harris doing a webinar with Jas Banga of Cirrus Group titled How To Avoid The Worst hiring and Real Estate Catastrophes of Your Career. You can reach Cirrus Group at 647-789-3247 or on the web at .

See Prosperident's Pink Collar Crime Expert Kelly Paxton Interviewed

Kelly Paxton is an amazing lady. She is a world-renowned expert in the area of embezzlement committed by perpetrators at low organizational levels, for which Kelly has coined the phrase "Pink Collar Crime." She is in demand as a writer and speaker on this topic, and this focus has made her

David Harris interviewed by syndicated columnist Dennis Beaver Oct 2017

Dennis Beaver Bakersfield, California attorney Dennis Beaver writes a syndicated column called You and the Law that appears in many newspapers around the US. Dennis has interviewed David Harris before (see /). Dennis recently did another interview with David. You can read it here: You

Prosperident Podcast on The Bulletproof Dentist

See Prosperident's David Harris being interviewed by Dr. Peter Boulden of the Bulletproof Dentist.

Oral Health article -- Embezzlement – What Every Brilliant Clinician Should Know

Do you have questions about embezzlement? Give Prosperident a call at 888-398-2327 or send an email to David Harris and Wendy Askins, What every brilliant clinician should know, Oral Health 2017

Dr. Pat Little speaking about the indicia of embezzlement in a dental practice

Prosperident's Senior Examiner Dr. Pat Little discusses the "red flags" that may alert a practice owner to the fact that embezzlement is taking place. Would you like to book Pat as a speaker? Check out his speaker's page HERE

Prosperident's Dr. Pat Little profiled in Dentist's Money Digest

Dentist Puts Lid on Fraud and Embezzlement According to Pat Little, D.D.S., F.A.G.D., C.F.E ., embezzlement can affect between 3 and 5 percent of a dental practice’s revenue. Little knows a thing or two about that, and he has dedicated himself to helping dentists avoid pitfalls that can lead to fraud and

Wendy Askins is featured in the Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Spring Bulletin

Wendy Askins, MBA CFE Prosperident's Wendy Askins has a lot going for her. She is one of Prosperident's most senior fraud examiners, and one of the reasons that we love her is that she has more letters of commendation from clients than any other Prosperident examiner. Wendy is also gaining some repute as

David Harris appears on Kirk Behrendt's The Best Practices Show

Watch David Harris interviewed by his long-time friend Dr. kirk Behrendt. Kirk and David will explore the topic of embezzlement Watch Kirk Behrendt video Kirk Behrendt Check it out here Do you have questions about embezzlement? Give Prosperident a call

See Prosperident Investigator Kelly Paxton interviewed about "Pink Collar Crime"

Prosperident's Senior Examiner Kelly Paxton is a world-renowned expert on "Pink Collar Crime" -- embezzlement committed by low level employees. See her interviewed here -- ?>

We are pleased to be mentioned in Fraud Magazine

We are pleased to have received a mention in Fraud Magazine, the magazine of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Kelly Paxton, a well-known fraud investigator famous for her research, writing and speaking on "pink collar crime" (embezzlers at lower levels in organizations) wrote an article on this topic where she was kind enough

David Harris interviewed by syndicated columnist Dennis Beaver Nov 2016

Prosperident CEO David Harris was recently interviewed by Dennis Beaver, a California-based attorney who writes a column called You and the Law that appears in many newspapers in the US. The topic was "what to do after discovering embezzlement." You can read the article that came from the interview here -- /> [Dennis

How Thriving Dentists Can Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Embezzlement With David Harris | Gary Takacs - Takacs Learning Center

Embezzlement against Dentists is a serious problem. Published statistics suggest that three in five dentists will be defrauded in their careers and those that become victims will experience an average loss of $110,000. To help you avoid becoming a victim, Gary Takas interviewed his friend David Harris also known as; ‘The Dental Fraud

CDA Oasis Conversations: Embezzlement in the dental office with David Harris – Oasis Discussions

David Harris, CEO Prosperident, spoke with Dr. Suham Alexander about embezzlement in the dental office. Check out the video interview below. CDA Oasis Video Interview Have questions about your practice?

007: Wendy Askins - How to Identify and Deal with Dental Embezzlement in Your Office - Dental Success Institute Blog

Do you have questions about embezzlement? Give Prosperident a call at 888-398-2327 or send an email to Welcome to another episode of The Dentalpreneur. On today’s show we are talking with Wendy Askins. Wendy is the senior investigator at the world’s largest dental embezzlement firm, Prosperident. Wendy has over 25 years experience in the

019: David Harris - Are Criminals Running Your Practice? - Dental Success Institute Blog

Do you have questions about embezzlement? Give Prosperident a call at 888-398-2327 or send an email to Welcome to another episode of The Dentalpreneur Podcast. On today’s show we are talking about an incredibly unfortunate, but common occurrence in the dental practice – embezzlement. Joining us to share his wisdom and experience in this

Anissa Holmes: How To Avoid Losing $109,000 In Your Dental Practice

In 1989, David Harris started investigating embezzlement in dental practices… … And by 1990, computers took over and brought stealing a ‘click’ away. Since them, the numbers have kept climbing. From paying utility bills, to dipping in the ‘gold jar’, David has seen it all.

Stopping Employee Embezzlement - Paul Edwards, CEDR HR Solutions

Just the other day, I got a call about a suspected employee embezzlement situation, in which a doctor had just discovered that $5,000 in cash was missing. Now, seven days later, the amount missing has turned out to be more like $80,000 – so I decided I’d write this quick missive. My expertise in counseling

Are You Getting Embezzled? with David Harris: Howard Speaks Podcast #143 - Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran - Dentaltown

Content retrieved from Are You Getting Embezzled? with David Harris : Howard Speaks Podcast #143 - Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran - Dentaltown Overcoming a troubled adolescence, David Harris has become the world’s leading expert on dental office embezzlement. He is the CEO of Prosperident, the world’s largest dental

Dentists vulnerable to employee fraud - | Information Morning Nova Scotia

Dentists are vulnerable to fraud far more often than you would expect. Information Morning's Angela MacIvor has the story. Dentists are more prone to become fraud victims than other small business owners, according to a Halifax firm that specializes

I’m being embezzled? It can’t be her; she’s my best employee!

By David Harris MBA, CPA, CMA, CFE, CFF I’ve lost track of how many dental practice embezzlements I’ve investigated over the last 25 years. My company, Prosperident, investigates hundreds each year. First, let’s quantify the problem. Published statistics suggest

Another Embezzler Joins the Exclusive “Half Million Dollar Club”

January 22, 2013 By David Harris The Half Million Dollar Club consists of embezzler who have stolen more than $500,000 from their practices. The man, I’ll refer to him as Dr. Smith, was sitting in

Are you Working Harder but Earning Less?

by Pat Little, DDS, FAGD, CFE While dental embezzlement is a touchy subject for many doctors, it is a growing problem that cannot be ignored. You spend a lot of time and resources training your team and getting them to "buy in" to your vision of delivering quality patient care. We

Our most popular article ever -- What I Learned About Embezzlement by Playing Chess With My Son

(Originally appeared in Dental Products Report) What I Learned About Embezzlement by Playing Chess With My Son- while this isn’t the way that most articles about dental office embezzlement start, playing chess with my son taught me something

Don't Underestimate the Embezzler

By David Harris MBA CMA CFE and Pat Little DDS FAGD CFE As investigators, one thing we encounter every time we speak to a group of dentists is that, in the area of embezzlement, they consistently underestimate the capabilities of their opponents. The most common question

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