Caution – Hiring Alert – Ciera Castillo / Martin / Elward – California 5+ convictions

Ciera Castillo

This is a reminder to perform proper background screening before hiring someone. Ciera Castillo (DOB April 22, 1983) has worked in various dental practices in California more or less continuously since at least 2014. She also has numerous convictions for controlled substance offences as well as forgery, grand theft, burglary and DUI. Conviction dates range from 2009 to 2020.

Ciera Castillo’s Other Names

She has also been known to use the names Ciera Martin and Ciera Elward.

Please keep in mind that California, and serveral other jurisdictions have enacted “ban the box” laws that permit checking for criminal records only after a conditional employment offer has been extended. ( Dental practices are certainly justified in refusing to hire someone with a record like Ciera Castillo’s; what ban the box does is to force employers who refuse to hire because of a criminal record to make the reason explicit. Please click HERE for more information.

To watch a webinar or how to avoid hiring a serial embezzler, click HERE.