Prosperident Pulse #100 November 2020

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November 2020
Next Webinar November 19!
We were pretty brave last month. We went head to head with the Presidential Debate — and we won. We had record registration.
In November, there will be no such distraction; the election will be a fading memory for most of us, and there are barely any sports on TV.
You have to like the title for November – Healing After Stealing. We will be talking about the effects of embezzlement on victims, staff, and their families.
The webinar takes place Thursday, November 19, at 8:00 pm Eastern / 5:00 pm Pacific.
To register, click HERE.
If you want to catch up on our previous webinars, including October’s The Million Dollar Club, Meet Embezzlement’s Elite, you can access them at THIS LINK.
PACE CE credit is available.
We look forward to having you back in our audience!
Happy Halloween from Prosperident
Most of you know Amber Weber as one of our Senior Fraud Examiners and as an on-camera host of our webinar series. But it doesn’t stop there — Amber has lots of other talents.
Here is Amber giving a Halloween Greeting (and some wisdom about hiring) in a Halloween Rap.
Click HERE to play the video.
Did you miss a previous newsletter? We archive them HERE.
Big News!
Our Embezzlement Risk Self Assessment Questionnaire has just received a major overhaul.
Our research into the causes and correlates of embezzlement never ceases, and we have just incorporated the results of that research into the new version of the Questionnaire.
The basic elements are still there; the Questionnaire consists of 37 yes/no completed online questions and takes less than 15 minutes. When someone takes it, they receive an overall score (we’ve simplified that a bit too) and an emailed report with details on a lot of the answers they provided and some recommendations based on their score.
The Questionnaire normally costs $139, but until November 30, we are offering it to practice owners at no cost.
What is the Most Secure Practice Management Software?
We are featuring excerpts from the upcoming second edition of David Harris’ book, Dental Embezzlement; the Art of Theft and the Science of Control.
A frequently asked question by doctors regarding practice management software is whether there is a brand of practice management software that is better at protecting a doctor against embezzlement.
This is like asking if one hammer is safer to use than another. All hammers have the potential to be safe if used properly and the potential to cause grievous harm if they are not.
Let’s start by looking at your software in a way that is slightly different than what you are accustomed to.
Something to Talk About…
As we move past Halloween and the Christmas season rushes headlong toward us, many people pause for a nanosecond or two in November to give thanks for the blessings that have been bestowed on them.
With the second wave of Covid arriving, a politically polarized population, racial tensions, and many other issues in the world, negativity is not in short supply these days. However, it wasn’t hard for me to come up with a lot of positives:
1. I’m thankful that my family is healthy and safe.
2. I am blessed to have the chance to work with smart, talented people who are also fantastic human beings (although some should not quit their day jobs — see the column to the left).
3. I’m thankful that, through the challenges of Covid, dentists have found a way to deliver the care that their patients need safely.
4. I’m really thankful that my giant son is ensconsed in residence at college and that feeding him is now someone else’s problem. The meal plan really is a bargain for him.
5. Most of all, my team is humbled by the partnership we have formed with the dental profession as we guide its members through particularly stressful periods in their lives.
Thank you for the trust you have placed in us!
David Harris
We are Prosperident, Dentistry’s Embezzlement Experts