Prosperident Pulse #57 — May 2017

Prosperident’s Dental Prosperident Pulse
Issue #57 — May 2017
Our CEO Interviewed
One of our CEO’s favorite podcasts is one he did last year with Drs. Alan Mead and Jason Lipscomb, the “Dental Hacks” guys.
Take a listen HERE
In This Issue:
    • Our CEO Interviewed
    • Guest Article –Eric Cohen
    • The “Hall of Shame”
  • Upcoming Speaking Dates
  • A note from our CEO
Prosperident Hall of Shame

We have recently updated our Hall of Shame so that it profiles over 450 embezzlers. Are any of them working in your office?
Empty Seats at Your Event?
We can help!
With attention-grabbing presentation titles like “The Walletectomy” and “How To Steal From A Dentist,”we are sure to give your audience a different and engaging experience.
Here are some of the places we will be speaking soon:
May 4 Texas Dental Meeting, San Antonio TX
May 4 Atlantic Canada Seattle Study Club, Halifax NS
May 10 Tax Matters For Dentists, Toronto ON
May 12 Tax Matters For Dentists, Ottawa ON
May 16 University of the West Indies, Mona Jamaica
May 18 Endo Inc. Study Club, Danvers MA
May 25 Patterson Dental, Nashville TN
Jul 20 Orthodontic Specialists of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City OK
Aug 25 Kentucky Dental Association, French Lick IN
Sep 14-15 Dentsply Sirona World, Las Vegas NV
Sep 22 Patterson Dental, Dallas TX
Oct 20 Thompson Okanagan Dental Society, Kelowna BC
Nov 3 Innovative Study Group of Arizona
Nov 14 Fresno Madera Dental Society, Fresno CA
To book us for your meeting or study club, click HERE or call us at 888-398-2327.
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Guest Article –Eric Cohen
Editor’s note –for most dentists, accepting credit card payments is an expensive necessity. Trying to lower the cost is a confusing and frustrating exercise. So it is a huge relief when someone can do it for you.

Add 5% To Your Income — Stop The Money Siphon

By Eric Cohen
The system that allows you to collect money from your patients can cost you a lot more money than it should.
There are hidden costs that reduce your bottom line without you realizing it! You know that running a practice costs money. You have all the typical expenses: rent, employee salaries and benefits, insurance, marketing, equipment, etc. Accepting credit cards costs you money also. Chances are, this revenue collection system costs you significantly more money than it needs to, acting as a “silent siphon” that slowly takes money out of your practice.
There are ways to reduce this cost and optimize the fees that you pay WITHOUT switching providers. Unfortunately, the credit card industry has made it impossible to understand exactly what it is you are paying for.
Want to learn more? You can contact Merchant Advocate at or by phone at 720-526-5318.
A Note From Our CEO
Regular readers know how I like to use this space to discuss situations I encounter that may have broader relevance. This month I am going to discuss “rules.”
Many dentists, as well as the consultants who advise them, believe that rules will protect them from embezzlement. I’ve seen things like using “for deposit only” stamps for checks, having triplicate receipt books for cash payments, etc suggested as anti-embezzlement strategies.
There is a logic flaw here. You can make all the rules that you want, but when a team member decides that your rule interferes with the embezzlement that they want to carry out, the rule will quickly be ignored or circumvented.

Also, the fact that you block one, or ten, embezzlement “pathways” will not help you very much. To assume that an embezzler can only think of one or two ways to steal underestimates the creativity and motivation of thieves.

So if rules will not work, what will? Several studies, including one by the ADA, confirm that the majority of embezzlers telegraph their stealing by exhibiting certain behaviors. There are many examples — a reluctance to take a vacation, working unusual hours, providing financial reports late, etc.
Our Embezzlement Risk Self Assessment Questionnaire provides an excellent (and quick) barometer for staff behavior. You can check it out HERE.
Thanks, as always, for reading.
David Harris CPA, CMA, MBA, CFE, CFF
Chief Executive Officer
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