Prosperident Pulse # 63 November 2017

Dental Prosperident Pulse from Prosperident
Issue #63 — November 2017
Prosperident’s Kelly Paxton was recently interviewed by dental hygiene maven Debbie Seidel-Bitke and dental CPA Doug Fettig.
Check it out HERE..
Are people sleeping at your meetings?
We can liven things up. With catchy titles like “How To Outsmart An Embezzler” and “The Walletectomy” we can keep your audience on the edge of their seats.
Here are some places we will be speaking soon:
Nov 2 Dental Compliance Boot Camp, North Richland Hills, TX
Nov 3 Innovative Study Group, Scottsdale AZ
Nov 9 Spider Study Club, Livingston NJ
Nov 14 Fresno Madera Dental Society, Fresno CA
Nov 15 Vancouver Study Club, Vancouver BC
Dec 7-8 Patterson Dental, Nashville, TN
Jan 16 Lincoln District Dental Society, Lincoln NE
Jan 17 Metro West Seminars, Omaha NE
Jan 30 Patterosn Dental Indianapolis IN
Jan 31 Patterson Dental Cleveland OH
Feb 1 Patterson Dental, Cincinnati OH
Feb 2 Patterson Dental, Columbus OH
Feb 25 Ortho 2 UGM, Savannah, GA
Mar 14 Altura Periodontics, Denver CO
Mar 15 Boulder Broomfield Dental Society, Boulder CO
May 5 Tumbleweed Study Club, Walland TN
May 25 Jasper Dental Congress, Jasper AB
Jun 2 Orthopreneur meeting, Dallas TX
To book us for your meeting or study club, click HERE or call us at 888-398-2327.
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A Note From Our CEO
Time flies. The older I get the faster time passes. In a couple of weeks, the majority of us will be gathering with family and friends to give thanks for all of this year’s blessings.
Visiting with loved ones, great food, watching a football game or parade, a chance to have a couple of quiet days off, or any of the other
ways we celebrate the beginning of the holiday season are about to be upon us. As I get ready for my favorite time of year I am grateful for many things. This past year has been a cornucopia of unexpected events to be thankful for. I promise not bore you with them all, but here are a few I want to mention:
First, I am thankful for my family, friends and talented team members who enable me to have a career that I love. I am also thankful for the wonderful people that my work has enabled me to become involved with, not just this year, but during the 25 plus years that I have worked in the dental community. The “average Joe” has no idea what a wonderful group dentists and their dental families are. All of us at Prosperident want you to know that we appreciate and are thankful for all of you.
When I am away working with and meeting all of you fine folks, it never fails to amaze me what a genuinely great group of people you are and what great lessons you have taught us as Prosperident continues to grow and make our livelihood by assisting you. By being a part of your community, I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with some of the most altruistic and generous human beings on the planet. My team and I are very lucky to do what we do. Something to be thankful for, for sure!
With my family and my team members at Prosperident I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and a great start to a wonderful holiday season.
David Harris CFE, CPA, CMA, CFF, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
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