Embezzlement News # 74 September 2018

Dental Embezzlement News from Prosperident
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Issue #74 — September 2018
Embezzler of the Month
Prosperident’s Sonya Hudson’s work helped nail this embezzler, and ensure her place in our “Half-Million Dollar Club.”

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Ontario’s Jennifer Leslie has been charged with embezzling $554,000 from a dental practice for which she was the office manager.
Read about Jennifer, along with many other embezzlers, in our Hall of Shame HERE.
No boring speakers here!
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Did you know that there are some topics that we will ONLY discuss at closed-door, live events?
See us live if you want the full story.
Here are some places we will be speaking soon:
Sep 7Patterson Dental, Houston TX
Sept 11Augusta Dental Society, Augusta GA
Oct 1Wichita District Dental Society, Wichita KS
Oct 4Southern Association of Orthodontists, New Orleans LA
Oct 11Victoria & District Dental Society, Victoria BC
Oct 13Benco Leadership Day, Houston TX
Oct 23
West Central Wisconsin Study Club
Oct 24Seattle Study Club, Rochester NY
Oct 26Synergy Business and Legal Symposium, National Harbor MD
Oct 27Law Enforcement Investigation and Prosecution Group, Columbia MD
Nov 8NY Academy of Dentistry, New York NY
Nov 28Connecticut Study Club for Excellence, Manchester CT
Dec 5Greater Charlotte Study Club, Huntersville NC
Jan 18Patterson Dental, San Diego CA
Jan 27Southwest Society of Periodontists, Irving TX
Feb 8Select Study Club, Evansville IN
Feb 11Wasatch Oral Surgery, Jordan UT
Apr 12American Association of Endodontists, Montreal QC
Apr 26Star of the North Meeting, St. Paul MN
Apr 29Vancouver & District Dental Society Vancouver BC
May 4American Association of Orthodontists, Los Angeles CA
May 7Seattle Study Club, Atlanta GA
Sep 13Orthopreneurs Summit, Dallas TX
Oct 7Colorado Prosthodontic Society, Denver CO
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Investigator Profile
Sonya Hudson, Senior Investigator
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Sonya is one of Prosperident’s “top guns.”
Before joining Prosperident in 2014, Sonya worked for an insurance company and managed the support department of a major brand of practice management software.
In many ways Sonya sets the standard for investigative work at Prosperident; her meticulous notes and highly organized workflow get frequent mention when we are training new examiners.
Recently, Sonya’s work led to the arrest of Jennifer Leslie (see the story in this newsletter), who is charged with embezzling over $500k from her doctor.
Sonya has caught more than her share of embezzlers, and we congratulate her on hooking another “big fish.”
Sonya’s colleagues at Prosperident include 15 specialized investigators who, on a daily basis, provide a level of skill and dedication that is simply unparalleled.
Something To Talk About…
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And so it begins.
For many of us, our “New Year” actually starts in September. Fall’s shorter days, cooler nights and the start of a new school year, also coincide with the beginning of a continuing education year for many of you. As summer fades and we settle into our fall routines, many of us here at Prosperident feel a sense of renewal, and an exciting and fresh opportunity to connect on a more meaningful level with the fantastic dental community we are so privileged to serve.
This summer was a full one here at Prosperident. We busied ourselves with onboarding new team members including investigators, Office Protection System specialists and educational speakers, while our IT team continued the development of software that makes the work we do for you more efficient and faster to deliver.
Probably the most exciting news we have to share with you is that we have continued developing our Office Protection System (OPS) Service, as well as our OPS Multi-Office Service, with the addition of more OPS Specialists, carefully selected and trained to assist you and get your practice set up even faster!
For those of you who are unfamiliar with this service, OPS is a complete and thorough diagnostic review of your practice’s policies, procedures, and systems performed by one of our OPS Specialists, with a view to identifying and correcting the weaknesses that could be exploited by an embezzler. Your assigned OPS Specialist will focus on over 25 of what we consider to be the most important policies and procedures, essential to a healthy, well-functioning practice. Based on our specialist’s in-depth review, we make recommendations on what areas we feel need upgrading, elimination, and restructuring to make your office the most efficient and productive place for you to earn your living. OPS provides you with peace of mind, by ensuring that you have the right office systems in place, and that staff compliance with your policies is measurable. OPS is not software, but it is the most advanced protection system available, designed by Prosperident, specifically for dentistry. We would like to invite you to visit our website to find out more.
So, welcome September! The Prosperident team and I would like to wish you and yours a happy and prosperous “New Year.”
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David Harris

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