Prosperident Pulse #99 October 2020

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October 2020
Next Webinar October 22!
This month’s webinar promises to be particularly interesting. The topic is The Million Dollar Club – Meet Dentistry’s Elite.
David, Wendy, and Amber will be joined by some Prosperident investigators who will talk about some of their most interesting cases, including thieves who took over a million dollars from their dentists.
The webinar takes place Thursday, October 22, at 8:00 pm Eastern / 5:00 pm Pacific.
To register, click HERE.
If you want to catch up on our previous webinars (we had some great topics like Forensic Hiring and
Steal and Conceal; What Serial Embezzlers Can Teach Us), you can access them at THIS LINK.
PACE CE credit is available.
We look forward to having you back in our audience!
A Minute with Scott Clifford
Scott is one of the three people at Prosperident to hold the title Supervising Examiner. This means that Scott has that combination of intelligence and tenacity to put him at the top of his field. Let’s hear what Scott has to say about practice management software.
Click HERE to play the video.
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How Big is the Embezzlement Problem?
Over the next few months, we are featuring excerpts from the upcoming second edition of David Harris’ book, Dental Embezzlement; the Art of Theft and the Science of Control.
The most recent broadly-based survey of embezzlement was performed by the American Dental Association’s Center for Dental Practice, which was published in 2019. In this survey, 19,991 dentists were polled, and the astonishing result was that 48.64% of those who responded confirmed that they had been victims of embezzlement.
It didn’t stop there. As can be seen from the graph above, almost half of the dentists who reported being embezzled disclosed that they had been victims more than once, with 9% of respondents confirming that they had been victimized four or more times.
Something to Talk About…
I’ll confess to being a news junkie. I’ve always been interested in what is going on in the world.
Lately, my interest has faded. The COVID numbers, which people watch in the way they would look at baseball scores in other times, and the decidedly nasty turn that politics has taken, have made the news far less appealing for me than it once was.
However, I saw an ad a few days ago that gave me pause. The essence of the ad was that if the impact of the virus was that you were stuck at home, that meant that you have a home. If you are bothered about wearing a mask when buying groceries, that means you have money for food. The message was that a bit of adversity should not make us oblivious to the blessings that we have.
As I write this, two of our valued team members, Scott Clifford (profiled in the left column) and Rose Clifford, are on evacuation alert due to wildfires near their home in Northern California. This is the second time for Scott and Rose in the past two years – the 2018 Camp Fire came very close to them, and Scott’s parents lost their home in that fire.
Unquestionably, the virus has impacted both dentists and those who provide goods or services to dentists adversely. I know that Thanksgiving isn’t until next month, but as the ad suggested, let’s be grateful for what we have and give some thought to those less fortunate.
David Harris
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