How We Help Endodontists Avoid A $100k Problem

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There are a lot of differences between how an endodontic practice functions compared with the rest of dentistry.  Endodontists normally have low patient volumes, highly personalized care, and many patients who are not expected to return.  The specialized software used in endo practices means that embezzlement patterns differ from the way that employee theft takes place in other corners of dentistry.

Our CEO has been a featured speaker at AAE meetings.

Are you an Endodontist? We have you covered

In the same way that you are a specialized provider of dental care, Prosperident specializes in providing embezzlement-related services to dentists.  We have been the largest provider of embezzlement investigation and prevention-based services in the United States and Canada for over three decades.

We have been privileged with the ability to work with many members of your specialty, and our team has an excellent understanding of the business model and practice management software used in endo practices.  Whether you use TDO, PBS, DSN, or some other practice management software, we can help.

We would love to have a conversation with you about your practice.  Please click HERE to set up a time to speak with us.

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