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Oral Surgeons are busy people!

We get it!  The time of oral surgeons is precious.  That hectic schedule makes you vulnerable to embezzlement.  And because you use specialized practice management software like WinOMS and OMS Vision, assisting you with embezzlement issues requires specialized knowledge.

This is where Prosperident comes in.  We have been assisting oral surgeons for over 20 years both with performing forensic investigations when embezzlement is suspected or confirmed and with helping you put systems in place to proactively protect you against embezzlement while being respectful of demands on your time.

Whether you use WinOMS, OMS Vision, DSN or some other practice management software, we can assist you.

If you want to proactively protect yourself against employee theft, or if you have embezzlement concerns and want us to take a stealthy look, we would love to speak with you. Please click the Contact Us button, and we will be in touch shortly. 

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