Texas’ Jennifer Thornton arrested for alleged steal from dentist – possible 20 year sentence

Jennifer Thornton

Jennifer Thornton of Hockley TX (date of birth July 4, 1979) was recently arrested at a dental office where she was working in connection with alleged embezzlement committed at another dental practice.

Prosperident’s Wendy Askins performed the investigative work that resulted in this arrest.

The information provided by the US Department of Justice indicates that Ms. Thornton was arrested in connection with ten charges of “wire fraud,” which is the federal crime most frequently associated with embezzlement.

Some great embezzlement information is available on Prosperident’s YouTube channel.  Check it out HERE.

Jennifer Thornton’s Arrest Record

Jennifer Thornton Arrest Details
Jennifer Thornton 2022 Arrest Information

A look into Ms. Thornton’s history indicates a lengthy criminal record, including previous convictions in Harris County, TX for check theft (2005), check theft (2006), assault with bodily injury (2010), and check theft again in 2014. She was also convicted in Montgomery County, TX for theft in 2011.

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