Prosperident Pulse #90 -- January 2020

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Prosperident Pulse #90 -- January 2020

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Dental Prosperident Pulse from Prosperident
Issue #90 -- January 2020
David Harris was honored to be a guest on his friend Dr. Len Tau's podcast. Check it out HERE.
Tired of the same old stuff at meetings?
Did you know that there are some topics that we will ONLY discuss at closed-door, live events?
Caren Irsuto pled guilty to embezzling over $600k from her dentist.
We would love to speak at your meeting or study club!
Here are some places where we will be speaking soon:
Jan 31 The Ohio State University, Columbus OH
Feb 19 Kamloops and District Dental Society, Kamloops BC
Feb 20 Dr. Wilson Kwong study club, Vancouver BC
Feb 27 Ortho2 User Group Meeting, San Diego CA
Mar 9 Cloud9 User Group Meeting, Atlanta GA
Mar 11 Schulman Group, Laguna Beach CA
April 1 Greater Long Island Dental Meeting, Melville NY
Apr 24 East Texas Study Club, Bullard TX
May 9 Smile Source Exchange, Atlanta GA
Jul 3 University of the West Indies, Jamaica
Feb 25 Chicago Dental Society Mid-Winter Meeting, Chicago IL
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Software Can Lie
It’s something that we read over and over. A dentist in a Facebook forum states that embezzlement cannot be happening in his or her practice because they “check their daysheet every single day.”

Broadly, there are two types of embezzlement. The first takes place when the balancing process (in other words the daily and monthly comparison between practice management software and financial accounts) is unsupervised or incomplete. In this situation, stealing is easy because a thief can enter all payments into the practice management software and then simply “short” the deposit. This leaves patient accounts balances accurate. This is important to prevent patients from complaining about their balances, repeated occurrences of which might get an embezzler caught.
But what if the balancing process is done with integrity, which means that it is complete and supervised? Does this mean that it is impossible to steal? Not by a long shot. It takes a bit more planning than pilfering from the deposit, but it is something that most would-be embezzlers can master.

Something to Talk About...
Welcome to 2020!
With decorations put away and offices open again after the holiday shutdown, today is the day when many of us turn our minds back to business.
2019 was a good year for embezzlers; a booming economy and lots of "how to" information on the internet created plenty of opportunity for them to ply their craft.
While many were caught (and you can read about these people in our Hall of Shame), plenty are still getting away with it.
Everybody knows that Prosperident can (stealthily) audit practices for embezzlement, but did you know that we also can help you improve your systems to protect you against being a victim?
Let's make 2020 the year to stop these thieves in their tracks!
David Harris

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