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Prosperident Pulse #93 April 2020

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Dental Prosperident Pulse from Prosperident
Issue #93 -- April 2020
April 8 webinar - The COVID Crisis: Use Downtime to Prevent Chaos
Join Prosperident's David Harris and Amber Weber as they outline strategies for making use of enforced downtime to improve protection and enhance your practice's financial well-being.
Amber Weber
April 8 at 3:00 pm Eastern / Noon Pacific
Want to make your meeting captivating?
This is a different type of captivity, as one of our embezzlers gets put in handcuffs.

Our presentations are not "theory" from someone who has read about embezzlement. We give you the gritty details from speakers who have experienced them.

The coronavirus has forced cancelation of many Spring speaking events, but we would love to speak for you in the fall or winter of 2020.
May 9 Smile Source Exchange, Atlanta GA
Jul 3 University of the West Indies, Jamaica
Sep 1 Greater Long Island Dental Meeting,
Oct 17 Southern Association of Orthodontists, Nashville TN
Feb 25 Chicago Dental Society Mid-Winter Meeting, Chicago IL
Mar 11 Canadian Dental Association / Pacific Dental Conference, Vancouver BC
Apr 16 East Texas Dental Society, Bullard TX
May 8 Ontario Dental Association, Toronto ON
To book a speaker, or for more information, click HERE or call us at 888-398-2327.
Want to make good use of your downtime? Our CEO's book is available on AMAZON.
How is Embezzlement Detected?
The American Dental Association’s Council on Dental Practice recently released the results of a survey completed last year on embezzlement.
One of the questions on the survey addressed the question of behaviors exhibited by embezzlers. The answers were enlightening.

Something to Talk About...
When I wrote last month about the impending storm coming from the Coronavirus, I don't think I realized the full impact it would have on me personally.
I've never suffered from triskaidekaphobia, but that may change. In the month ending on March 13, I did four speaking engagements, which necessitated crossing the continent three times, with a total of 18 airplane rides.
What is significant about March 13? I arrived home from speaking in California at midnight of March 12. The next morning, I was in my office and felt slightly unwell. I looked online at the symptoms of COVID-19, and realized that they were consistent with how I was feeling. I called Public Health, and based on my symptoms and travel schedule, they sent me for testing right away. The next evening I got the call telling me that results were positive and that I was Nova Scotia's first confirmed case (which is not how I wanted to enter the history books!).
Last week, after quarantining myself and with symptoms gone, I was retested. This test showed no coronavirus, so I also became my province's first "recovered" patient.
For me, the symptoms were exceedingly mild, and not enough to even want to make me stay home from work. I'm so grateful that, after checking with the people I encountered before I had my first test, I do not seem to have infected a single person. I was particularly worried because I had sat with my octogenarian father at a basketball game, and had contact with several other seniors as well. Fortunately, all of them are well.
With a vaccine still some distance off, and infection rates climbing in the US and Canada despite the efforts of the authorities, the carnage from this disease is far from over. I'm thankful that my own COVID experience was unremarkable, but I do fear for humanity on this one.
I wish for your continued health and safety.
David Harris

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