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Hiring Properly in a Tight Labor Market

A common theme at conferences and in dental media lately is a shortage of people

My Office Manager Quit Suddenly. Now What?

Sooner or later, every practice owner receives this unwelcome news.  Your office manager, who is

The “Policy Vacuum”

Our CEO once said that embezzlers will happily fill gaps in a practice’s policies to

The Danger of Virtual Credit Cards

Some insurance companies make payments to practices by creating a virtual credit card with a

I’m a New Practice Owner. What Should I be Doing to Protect My Practice?

That is an excellent question. Embezzlement protection involves a few big steps and a lot

Why Don’t Staff Come Forward With Concerns About Embezzlement?

We have noticed an interesting phenomenon in dentistry. When you look at all types of

How Secure is my Practice Management Software?

Editor’s note — this article is an extract from the upcoming second edition of David