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Prosperident’s Embezzlement Blog is where we keep the many articles we have written on our favorite topic, embezzlement in dental practices.

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Embezzlement Blog

It’S Not Just Cash!

It’s Not Just Cash!

We live in a society that is becoming increasingly “cashless.” The convenience of using debit

Is There A Psychological Test That Will Allow You To Flag Employee Dishonesty?

Is there a psychological test that will allow you to flag employee dishonesty?

We recently were asked this question by a dentist and thought that discussion of psychological

Electronic Funds Transfers – 7 Reasons They Are Dangerous

Electronic Funds Transfers – 7 Reasons they are Dangerous

Overview Both insurance companies and dental practices have long appreciated the convenience of electronic funds

The Coming Storm

The Coming Storm

The chorus in the financial press is growing that a storm of recession is on

“Call The Police” And Other Myths Of White Collar Crime.

“Call the Police” and Other Myths of White Collar Crime.

Should I call the police if I think I have been embezzled? I have recently

The Ugliest Filling Ever

The Ugliest Filling Ever

Let’s think about the control systems in place in your practice.  Everything from the “balancing”

Own Your Stuff!  Practice Financial Management

Own Your Stuff! Practice Financial Management

Dental practice financial management requires a practice owner to have some involvement in the financial

Hiring Properly In A Tight Labor Market – 6 Strategies

Hiring Properly in a Tight Labor Market – 6 strategies

A common theme at conferences and in dental media lately is a shortage of people

My Office Manager Quit Suddenly.  I’M Devastated. Now What? 3 Things To Know

My Office Manager Quit Suddenly. I’m Devastated. Now What? 3 things to know

Sooner or later, every practice owner receives this unwelcome news.  Your office manager quits suddenly.

The “Policy Vacuum”

The “Policy Vacuum”

Our CEO once said that embezzlers will happily fill gaps in a practice’s policies to

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