Prosperident Pulse #59 — July 2017

Dental Prosperident Pulse from Prosperident
Issue #59 — July 2017
Embezzlement — What Every Brilliant Clinician Should Know
See Prosperident’s David Harris and Wendy Askins’ article in Oral Health Office. A great overview article about embezzlement! Check it out HERE.
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We are pleased to announce the following executive-level promotions at Prosperident:
Wendy Chediac to Chief Operating Officer.
Scott Clifford to Chief Fraud Examiner.
Jacob Hiltz to Chief Technology Officer.
Congratulations, all!
Is attendance falling at your meetings?
With attention-grabbing presentation titles like “How to Outsmart an Embezzler” and “The Walletectomy”, we give people a reason to come to meetings.
Here are some places we will be speaking soon:
Jul 21 Patterson Dental, Oklahoma City OK
Aug 25 Kentucky Dental Association, French Lick IN
Sep 6 Durham Dental Society, Ajax ON
Sep 7 Niagara Peninsula Dental Association, Niagara Falls, ON
Sep 14 North Texas Premier Dental Forum, Fort Worth TX
Sep 16 Dentsply Sirona World, Las Vegas NV
Sep 22 Patterson Dental, Dallas TX
Oct 20-21 Thompson Okanagan Dental Society, Kelowna BC
Nov 3 Innovative Study Group, Scottsdale AZ
Nov 14 Fresno Madera Dental Society, Fresno CA
Nov 15 Vancouver Study Club, Vancouver BC
Dec 7-8 Patterson Dental, Nashville, TN
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In This Issue:
    • Our article in Oral Health Office
    • Guest Article — Jeremy Behar
    • Promotions
  • Upcoming Speaking Dates
  • A note from our CEO
Guest Article — Jeremy Behar
As an organization built around a narrow specialization (in our case embezzlement), we are thrilled to offer some fantastic wisdom from our equally specialized friend Jeremy Behar of Cirrus Consulting Group.

Once Upon a Time…a Dentist Signed a Lease

We’ve all heard this bedtime story. The one about the dentist who after years of dental school and associating, decided to start their own practice.
Eager to get their practice underway, they go through the necessary steps to select a location, secure financing, and happily sign off on a ten year dental office lease provided by their landlord. But, they miss the critical and most important stage that ensures the protection of a healthy and successful dental practice — reviewing the details of the dental office lease.
The fairytale starts to go south when the doctor realizes that the office lease they were so eager to sign initially is now impeding the growth and security of their business.
We are thrilled to be participating in a free webinar with Cirrus Consulting Group. Details and registration are HERE.
A Note From Our CEO
“I live in a small town…”
I’m not referring to the catchy John Mellencamp tune of the 1980s (although I did like the song). I’m referring to one of the factors that dentists use to convince themselves that they are “immune” from embezzlement.
We all want to believe that our staff are honest and that they would never steal from us, and most of the time this is true. However, there is also a significant portion of the population who, in the right circumstances, will commit a dishonest act. When you combine the size of this cohort with the large number of staff that a typical dentist will hire in his or her career, the result is that at least two in three dentists will eventually be embezzled.
Thanks, as always, for reading.
David Harris CPA, CMA, MBA, CFE, CFF
Chief Executive Officer
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