Embezzlement News # 85 – August 2019

Dental Embezzlement News from Prosperident
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Issue #85 — August 2019
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What a catchy title! Hear us on the Millionaire Dentist podcast HERE.
Learn from the Experts!
Did you know that there are some topics that we will ONLY discuss at closed-door, live events?

Hear about how Prosperident’s Wendy Askins put this woman away for 12 years.

See us live if you want the full story on embezzlement.
Here are some places where we will be speaking soon:
Sep 5
Edison Lakes Oral Surgery, Mishawaka IN
Sep 12Dr. Maheeb Jaouni Study Club, Dallas, TX
Sep 13Texas Study Club, Carrolton TX
Sep 14Orthopreneurs Summit, Dallas TX
Sep 19Dr. Brad Crump Study Club, Dallas TX
Sep 21Dr. Tommy Murph Dallas Dental Symposium, Dallas TX
Sep 27ADSO Partnering for Growth, Orlando FL
Sep 27BEST for Dentistry Summit, Portland OR
Oct 7Colorado Prosthodontic Society, Denver CO
Oct 18Drs. Savage, Sabol & Visser, Virginia Beach VA
Oct 24Panoramic Study Club, Toronto ON
Nov 11Thunderbird Study Club, El Paso TX
Nov 19Memphis Dental Society, Memphis TN
Feb 27Ortho2 User Group Meeting, San Diego CA
Apr 24East Texas Study Club, Bullard TX
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A Milestone!
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This month, Prosperident celebrates a major milestone. Thirty years ago, our founder, David Harris, started us on our path of providing specialized services to dentists. A lot has changed since then (including our name — we didn’t become Prosperident until 2006), but the basic principles David established in 1989 still govern us. We look forward to the next thirty years!
This Month’s Question

“My Day-end Report Balances to my Deposit, so I Must Be Safe From Embezzlement”

Not true.
At the core of your practice management software is a concept called “double-entry accounting”. This means that a transaction mandatorily affects two different “accounts” maintained by your software.
Something to Talk About…
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I love summer; I always have. I love the way that life slows down just a bit. There is a historic cemetery across the street from our Head Office. Most of the time I just pass by without giving it a thought.
But last week, on a particularly sunny day, I took a few minutes to explore. A plaque told me that 12,000 of my city’s first citizens are buried there, and that less than 10% of their graves are marked.
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In this bucolic place, it was easy to feel a sense of history, and to be able to imagine the voices of these early settlers and the noise that their shoes made on cobblestoned streets.
Prosperident’s 30-year history is insignificant in comparison, but I am also conscious of how much has changed since 1989 in our world, from investigating “pegboard” offices, to working with those clunky computer systems that replaced them, to the way the internet has revolutionized what we do. It’s been a thoroughly amazing three decades, and I’m proud to have been a part of it and privileged to be able to serve your noble profession.
Enjoy the rest of your summer!
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David Harris
We are Prosperident, Dentistry’s Embezzlement Experts