Prosperident Pulse #86, September 2019

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Prosperident Pulse #86, September 2019

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Dental Prosperident Pulse from Prosperident
Issue #86 -- September 2019
Hear CPA (and former NYPD Lieutenant) Craig Cody interview David Harris on his podcast HERE.
Learn from the Experts!
Did you know that there are some topics that we will ONLY discuss at closed-door, live events?
Hear about how Prosperident's Mindy Salzman caught Colorado's Layla Masset embezzling.
See us live if you want the full story on embezzlement.
Here are some places where we will be speaking soon:
Sep 5
Edison Lakes Oral Surgery, Mishawaka IN
Sep 12 Dr. Maheeb Jaouni Study Club, Dallas, TX
Sep 14 Orthopreneurs Summit, Dallas TX
Sep 19 Dr. Brad Crump Study Club, Dallas TX
Sep 21 Dr. Tommy Murph Dallas Dental Symposium, Dallas TX
Sep 27 ADSO Partnering for Growth, Orlando FL
Sep 27 BEST for Dentistry Summit, Portland OR
Oct 7 Colorado Prosthodontic Society, Denver CO
Oct 18 Drs. Savage, Sabol & Visser, Virginia Beach VA
Oct 24 Panoramic Study Club, Toronto ON
Nov 11 Thunderbird Study Club, El Paso TX
Nov 19 Memphis Dental Society, Memphis TN
Feb 27 Ortho2 User Group Meeting, San Diego CA
Apr 24 East Texas Study Club, Bullard TX
To book us for your meeting or study club, click HERE or call us at 888-398-2327.
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How do Serial Embezzlers Get Hired?
This is Unique Wells, although she has used other names. She is currently looking for work in Nevada and Arizona. She has a lengthy criminal record, and several former employers report missing money. You can read about Unique in our Hall of Shame HERE.
Also, you can see her resume, and learn to spot some red flags from it HERE.
This Month's Question

I just hired someone and then got notice that their wages are garnished. Should I fire them?

It isn’t necessarily an issue, but requires a bit more investigation.
Garnishees can come from a lot of different things — unpaid parking tickets might be an example of something causing a garnishee where there might not be an employment implication. It could also be a financial dispute with an ex-spouse. It could also be an unpaid fine for a criminal conviction, which is obviously more concerning.
It is important for the dentist to understand WHY the employee’s wages are being seized,
Something to Talk About...
As I write this at the end of August, kids are back to school or about to be, and Labor Day is rushing at us. Summer, that pleasant interruption to our regular routines, is almost over.
So for most of us, this time of the year is one where we turn our focus back to our business.
We had a fairly busy summer at Prosperident. In June we brought our entire team to our head office for meetings, and in August we celebrated our 30th anniversary in business.
And lighter clinical schedules allowed more than a few dentists the time to give us a call to discuss concerns about their practices.
I hope that you aren't in that position, but if you are, we are always available to listen, and to offer our knowledge and experience without judgement. The ways to reach us are HERE.
It's been an honor and a privilege to have been a trusted advisor to the dental profession for the past three decades, and my team and I very much look forward to serving you in future.
David Harris

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