Prosperident Pulse #94 – June 2020

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Dental Prosperident Pulse from Prosperident
Issue #94 — May 2020
Prosperident Power Hour Webinar Series Will Return
One of our team suggested that we should do a webinar. That webinar evolved into a series of six episodes that ran in April and May.
Our objective was to take advantage of enforced downtime to give dentists vital knowledge for running their practices. We also gave away plenty of toolbox items.
The series was a smashing success, with an audience exceeding 3,000 people.
It also became a true team effort. In addition to our on-camera hosts, Amber Weber, Wendy Askins and David Harris, 15 other team members at Prosperident were involved at some level.
We covered some great topics and were able to bring the unique perspective of Dentistry’s Embezzlement Experts.
If you missed a webinar, recordings of all of them are available on our website. Click on the links below to get there.
If you were part of our audience, we would like to thank you for being part of a great experience.
If you missed out on any of the toolbox items that were mentioned in a webinar, ask us nicely HERE, and we will probably feel sorry for you and help you out.
As dentists everywhere focus on getting their practices reopened and adjusting to the new normal, we have taken a hiatus from webinars, but we are planning a return in July.
Stay tuned — we will have more details in the coming weeks.
Reconcile or Reckless?

Amber Weber, David Harris and Wendy Askins

When someone wants to embezzle from you, their approach is predictable. They begin by asking themselves whether the reconciliation process used in your practice is thorough and complete.
By “reconciliation” we are referring to the oversight by practice owners of the daily and monthly balancing done by staff. In its simplest form, reconciliation is the process of ensuring that the money that your practice management software says you received actually got deposited to your bank.
If a thief realizes that your reconciliation process is flawed (which is probably the case in 75% of practices), this realization bestows a particular blessing on that thief. He or she can steal by simply “shorting” the deposit; in other words, they can steal without needing to tamper with individual patient accounts to conceal it. Stealing in this way does not require high intellect or any in-depth understanding of your practice management software.
On the other hand, if a would-be thief believes that a deficient deposit would be noticed (in other words that the reconciliation process has integrity), in order to steal, he or she is faced with a much greater challenge.
Something to Talk About…
Over the past few weeks, I have increasingly been hearing some wonderful words.
Those words are often said almost apologetically and are along the lines of “I need to postpone our meeting because right now, I am really busy reopening my practice.”
If this is your situation, there is no need for contrition. Each dentist returning to practice represents a milestone in our society awakening from its hibernation, and hearing a dentist declare that they are back in business is a sweet sound indeed.
While the “new normal” has its share of complications like PPE, facility modifications for many, and patients waiting in their cars for appointments, we are thrilled to see you regaining your ability to do what you trained to do, and once again begin earning a living.
We at Prosperident are rejoicing in this hard-won victory against Covid-19, and we are here for you when you need us.
As our way of giving back to the dental community, until June 30, we are waiving our normal $139 fee for our Embezzlement Risk Self Assessment Questionnaire — please email us at to take us up on this offer.
David Harris
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