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Webinar FOMO?
Did you miss our webinar last week? It was one of our best! Orthodontist and embezzlement victim Dr. David Hughes told the story of how his trusted office manager took him for $370k, and what he is doing differently now.
The good news? We recorded the webinar and it is available HERE.
Want a great speaker for your event?
We have attention-grabbing titles like “They didn’t teach me THAT in dental school” and “How to Outsmart the Thief in Your Practice.”
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Here are some of the places you can see us soon:
Feb 9 Saint John District Dental Society Saint John NB
Feb 16 South Charlotte Study Club Charlotte NC
Mar 9 Pacific Dental Conference Vancouver BC
Mar 23 South Shore Dental Association Bridgewater NS
Mar 31 Niagara Peninsula Dental Society Niagara-on-the-Lake ON
Apr 20-21 Western Regional Dental Experience Phoenix AZ
May 4 Michigan Dental Association Grand Rapids MI
Sep 8 Orthopreneurs Summit Orlando FL
Sep 22 Spear Education Virtual
Oct 20 Northeastern Society of Orthodontists Montreal QC
Can a psychological test flag employee dishonesty?
In fact, these tests do exist. They are tests known as “integrity tests,” and there are a number of them that purport to measure the honesty of a subject.
These tests normally consist of a set of questions designed to gauge the integrity of the person taking the test. The questions can include lifestyle questions about drug and alcohol use or questions like “What would you do if a store clerk handed you too much money in change?” or “Do you ever lie to your spouse?”
The View from the CEO’s Chair
2022 was Prosperident’s busiest year ever. Internally, that means that we are hiring, and building our systems to handle higher volumes, particularly in our fastest-growing product, Owner Proactive Strategies.
But it also says something about the state of affairs in dentistry. Last week I had the pleasure of a conversation with Dr. Linda Edgar, President-Elect of the ADA, who confirmed that embezzlement is definitely on her radar.
ADA data showed that the prevalence of embezzlement increased by about 1/3 between 2007 and 2019, and while it is too soon to study it properly, we are noticing a further uptick in the past few years.
There are a lot of possible reasons for this trend. Inflation, a generational shift in the workforce, residue from the financial insecurity caused by the pandemic could all be contributing factors.
The good news? You don’t have to be a victim. Dentists have powerful tools at their disposal to protect themselves. Watch a 1-minute video on protection from last month’s webinar guest, Dr. David Hughes, HERE.
Want to discuss how to protect your practice? Click HERE — we would love to help.
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