The Prosperident Pulse #115 - February 2022

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The Prosperident Pulse #115 - February 2022

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Webinar Dr. Roy Shelburne - Replay
We had a terrific webinar with Dr. Roy Shelburne two weeks ago
Roy served 19 months in prison for healthcare fraud and racketeering. In his webinar he shared things a dentist can do to avoid Roy's fate.
We recorded the webinar, and it is available HERE.
Roy also generously provided a tool kit to accompany his presentation, which is available HERE.
Stay tuned for our next webinar announcement, which is expected soon.
Want to liven up your meeting?
We have great titles like "How to Outsmart the Thief in Your Practice."
If you would like to learn more about our speakers or read audience reviews, check out THIS LINK.
Here are some of the places you can see us soon:
Feb 8 Alpha Omega Winnipeg, MB
Feb 18 Lynchburg Dental Society Lynchburg VA
Feb 25 Chicago Midwinter Meeting Chicago IL
Mar 7 Benton/Franklin County Dental Society Kennewick WA
Mar 8 Dr. Graham Jones Study Club Monroe WA
Apr 27 Massachusetts Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Boston MA
May 6 Ontario Dental Association Toronto ON
Sep 8 California Dental Association San Francisco CA
Embezzlement in a Post-pandemic World
The following article written by Prosperident team members appeared in a recent edition of Dentistry Today:
Prosperident has been in the business of investigating embezzlement committed against dentists since 1989. Over that time, we have seen many changes in both dentistry and the environment in which it operates.
If you need help with the word embezzlement, it refers to someone in a position of trust (often a staff member, but also potentially someone external like a bookkeeper) abusing that position and trust to steal.
The administration of practices has evolved greatly in the last 30 years. From the company’s initial pegboard investigations when few practices were computerized, to the rudimentary first- and second-generation practice management software, to the...
The View from the CEO's Chair
It was tremendous to be able to welcome my friend Dr. Roy Shelburne as our webinar guest in January.
With almost 2,000 registrants, it was our most popular webinar ever, so the interest in hearing Roy's story and learning from it was immense.
After his conviction, Roy paid his debt to society and began a new career passing on the knowledge he acquired to other dentists. Roy has even served a term as the President of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants, which is indicative of the esteem in which he is held by his consulting peers, and the completeness of his rehabilitation.
In my line of work, it is easy to be cynical about people who break the rules. We see many "serial embezzlers" who, after being fired for stealing, quickly find employment across town or across the street and steal again, and the rate of recidivism (the propensity to reoffend) in criminals is more than 66% within the first three years.
For some discussion about a my experience with a particularly prolific serial embezzler, have a look HERE.
In this time when it is hard to fill vacancies in your practice, it is particularly easy to unknowingly hire a serial embezzler. If you are interested in discussing how you can protect yourself from serial embezzlers and other dangers, click HERE to set up a time for us to speak.

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