Prosperident Pulse #75 October 2018

Dental Prosperident Pulse from Prosperident
Issue #75 — October 2018
Embezzler of the Month
We definitely get involved in some interesting cases.
Colorado’s Robin Bernazzani has confessed to embezzing more than $500,000 from the practice where she worked.
Did you know that, on average, thieves confess to one sixth of what they actually stole?
Read about Robin, along with hundreds of other dental embezzlers, in our Hall of Shame HERE.
No boring speakers here!
Did you know that there are some topics that we will ONLY discuss at closed-door, live events?
See us live if you want the full story.
Here are some places where we will be speaking soon:
Oct 1 Wichita District Dental Society, Wichita KS
Oct 4 Southern Association of Orthodontists, New Orleans LA
Oct 11 Victoria & District Dental Society, Victoria BC
Oct 13 Benco Leadership Day, Houston TX
Oct 16 Dr. Amy James Study GRoup, Haddonfield NJ
Oct 23
West Central Wisconsin Study Club
Oct 24 Seattle Study Club, Rochester NY
Oct 26 Synergy Business and Legal Symposium, National Harbor MD
Oct 27 Law Enforcement Investigation and Prosecution Group, Columbia MD
Nov 8 NY Academy of Dentistry, New York NY
Nov 28 Connecticut Study Club for Excellence, Manchester CT
Dec 4 Southeast Study Club, Auburn AL
Dec 5 Greater Charlotte Study Club, Huntersville NC
Dec 7 MGE Management Experts, Clearwater FL
Jan 18 Patterson Dental, San Diego CA
Jan 27 Southwest Society of Periodontists, Irving TX
Feb 8 Select Study Club, Evansville IN
Feb 9 Houston Asian American Dental Society, Houston TX
Feb 11 Wasatch Oral Surgery, Jordan UT
Feb 28 Ortho2 User Group Meeting, Fort Worth TX
Mar 27 District of Columbia AGD, Washington DC
Apr 12 American Association of Endodontists, Montreal QC
Apr 26 Maryland State Dental Association, Columbia MD
Apr 26 Star of the North Meeting, St. Paul MN
Apr 29 Vancouver & District Dental Society Vancouver BC
May 3 American Association of Orthodontists, Los Angeles CA
May 7 Seattle Study Club, Atlanta GA
May 8 North County Women’s Study Club, Carlsbad CA
Sep 13 Orthopreneurs Summit, Dallas TX
Oct 7 Colorado Prosthodontic Society, Denver CO
To book us for your meeting or study club, click HERE or call us at 888-398-2327.
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Team Member Profile
Miki Clifford, Intermediate Analyst
Miki might be Prosperident’s youngest team member, but she possesses genius-level intellect, and she performs a vital role here at Prosperident.
Fitting her work here around her schooling, Miki assists our investigators by preparing and organizing the voluminous documentation we receive daily from clients.
Working here runs in Miki’s family; her father, Scott, is Prosperident’s Chief Fraud Examiner, and her mother, Rose, was recently promoted to Senior Examiner.
Even with her family’s involvement, Miki’s position came an unusual way. A school exercise required her to apply for a job, so Miki naturally sent her project application to Prosperident.
She so impressed our CEO with her submission that he surprised both Miki and her teacher by offering her a real position. It was a great move, and Miki’s efficiency and organizational skills do much to keep Prosperident’s investigations flowing.
Something To Talk About…
Counting Our Blessings.
Well, we made it! September, with all of its scheduling responsibilities and a return to fall and winter activities, has flown by. Time to bring on the Pumpkin Spice anything and everything! The coming month is about changing leaves, crisp nights, the return of our favorite fall television shows, and of course – watching and playing our favorite fall and winter sports. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it should be no surprise that we want to tell you how thankful we are here at Prosperident for your ongoing loyalty and support. Serving dentistry is our passion, and we are grateful for our ability to be a part of your community.
As our business continues to grow, we realize that it is because some of you have made a horrific discovery in the place that you consider to be your second “home.” We are never thankful for that!
However, we are grateful to be able to offer you an ever-expanding team of incredibly capable embezzlement investigators and support staff, who are ready to step in, take over and help you get back control of your practice and its finances.
My team and I have spent a great deal of time this year honoring our commitment to you with the continued development of our Owner Proactive Strategies program, as well as the other services we offer. As we see OPS being successfully employed in dental practices as a frontline defense against potential embezzlement, we are grateful to those of you who pushed us to develop a system to safeguard your practice’s financial well-being, before trouble can line its pocketbook with your money. You asked, and we have delivered a viable solution for all of you who wish to stop embezzlement in your practice before it starts.
Enjoy your October and all of the beauty and bounty it brings.
David Harris
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