Prosperident Pulse #108 - July 2021

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Prosperident Pulse #108 - July 2021

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Our next webinar takes place on July 22 at 8:00 pm Eastern / 5:00 Pacific, titled External Threats to Your Practice. We are going to deal with issues like identity theft and medication scams.
Free registration is available HERE, and PACE CE is offered.
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We are so excited to be back to live speaking.
We have great titles like "How to Outsmart the Thief in Your Practice."
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Here are some of the places you can see us soon:
Aug 21 Kentucky Society of OMS Louisville KY
Sep 9 Smile Source Exchange Las Vegas NV
Sep 16 Seattle Study Club Austin TX
Sep 25 Canadian Association of Dental Consultants Toronto ON
Oct 15 Get Stress Free Dentistry Summit Hollywood FL
Oct 19 Compre-hensive Care Club Port Huron MI

Feb 26 Chicago Midwinter Meeting Chicago IL
Mar 8 Dr. Graham Jones Study Club Monroe WA
Mar 10-11 Pacific Dental Conference Vancouver BC
May 6 Ontario Dental Association Toronto ON
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All of us at Prosperident wish everyone a happy 4th of July holiday.

Avoid The Worst Hiring Mistake of Your Life
Much has been written about hiring the right people for dentists. Finding a good personality fit and ensuring that employees properly project your office’s personality are topics I will leave to others. My expertise lies in helping you avoid the biggest hiring mistake of your life.
Published studies suggest that over 60% of resumes contain some form of lying. This might be as basic as some form of skills enhancement, or it could extend to covering up that the applicant was fired from a previous job for stealing.
Let’s start by profiling typical embezzlers. They are smart, organized, and have strong computer skills. They present well in interviews, convey an understanding of the preciousness of your time, and commit to creating an environment where that time can be used most effectively.
The View from the CEO's Chair
Serial Embezzlers
We have all heard the stories. Someone gets caught embezzling, gets fired by the practice owner, and almost immediately is working across town, or across the street, with predictable results.
And we shrug our shoulders and wonder how this could happen. And yet it does -- probably 20% of our investigations involve someone with "baggage.", and we have many situations where we have investigated the same thief more than once. We've seen a spate of serial embezzlers in the past six months, which prompted us to update the hiring article directly above my column.
One energetic embezzler has victimized more than 15 practices. She and I are on a first-name basis - I call her "thief," and I won't repeat what she calls me. You can read about her and other serial embezzlers in our Hall of Shame HERE.
Notwithstanding the vulnerable populations, protected information and, yes, money, that pass through dental practices, the sad truth is that owners know far less about people they hire than they should. And the consequences can be devastating.
It's easy to fix this. What is required is a bit of enlightenment and the resolve to investigate properly before hiring. We did a great webinar on this topic last year; it's available HERE.
There are excellent people out there who would love to have a job in a great dental practice. Let's keep the others out!
If you have concerns about someone working in your practice, or would like to lessen your vulnerability to embezzlement, I'd love to speak with you. You can book a time using THIS LINK.

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