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The Prosperident Pulse #124 November 2022

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Nov 15 Webinar

The Good, the Bad and the Evil; What you didn’t know about DSOs

You won't want to miss this one! Our November webinar features Mr. Emmet Scott. Emmet founded a DSO with a dentist who was his childhood friend and grew it to 75 practices. He is very involved in the DSO community and is a terrific person to teach us about the DSO world.
Registration is HERE. We start at 8:00 pm Eastern.
Want a great speaker for your event?
We have great titles like "They didn't teach me THAT in dental school" and "How to Outsmart the Thief in Your Practice."
If you would like to learn more about our speakers or read audience reviews, check out THIS LINK.
Here are some of the places you can see us soon:
Nov 3 Hamilton Academy of Dentistry Hamilton ON
Nov 9 Middlesex Dental Society Waltham MA
Nov 10 Manchester Dental Society Manchester NH
Nov 29 Greater New York Dental Meeting
New York NY
Feb 16 South Charlotte Study Club Charlotte NC
Mar 9 Pacific Dental Conference Vancouver BC
Mar 17 Course Crawl Milwaukee WI
Mar 31 Niagara Peninsula Dental Society Niagara-on-the-Lake ON
Apr 20-21 Western Regional Dental Experience Phoenix AZ
May 4 Michigan Dental Association Grand Rapids MI
Theft and Recovery - A Dentist's Story
In case you missed our October webinar, we featured a dentist from Carthage, MO, Dr. Mark Saladin, who told the story of how his long-time office manager stole $150,000 from him.
Not only did the webinar depict Mark's compelling, from-the-heart story, but it also includes some video clips of the embezzler giving her (somewhat less credible) version of events.
It is compelling viewing and something every practicing dentist should see.
The View from the CEO's Chair
While insurance companies would rather not pay you at all, paying by check is there least preferred method. Why? Because paying by check requires human involvement. I've seen estimates that it costs about $10 for an insurance company to issue a check.
We have long been against insurance companies paying by virtual credit cards (VCCs) and you can read more about VCCs and their disadvantages HERE.
We have also recently revised our views on being paid by electronic funds transfer and we no longer recommend that offices get paid by EFT.
I know that many consultants recommend EFT payments as a way of reducing a practice owner's exposure to embezzlement. Recent experience is showing that EFTs expose a practice to significant dangers. You can read our reasoning HERE.
I have often said that technology is the best friend of embezzlers, and that maxim applies in this case. As old fashioned as it sounds, the best method of being paid by insurance companies is old-fashioned checks.
Thanks as always for allowing us to be your trusted source for embezzlement information.
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