The Prosperident Pulse #122 September 2022

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The Prosperident Pulse #122 September 2022

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November Webinar
You won't want to miss this one! Our November webinar features Emmet Scott who will be talking with us about DSOs. Emmet is both the CEO of Community Dental Partners and the President of the Association of Dental Support Organizations, so he is THE EXPERT on this topic. Registration details will be announced soon.
Want a great speaker for your event?
We have great titles like "They didn't teach me THAT in dental school" and "How to Outsmart the Thief in Your Practice."
If you would like to learn more about our speakers or read audience reviews, check out THIS LINK.
Here are some of the places you can see us soon:
Sep 8 California Dental Association San Francisco CA
Sep 15 Smile Source Exchange Savannah GA
Sep 30 Arkansas Association of Orthodontists Fayetteville AR
Oct 7 Bent Ericksen's Definitive Dental HR Conference Denver CO
Nov 9 Middlesex Dental Society Waltham MA
Nov 10 Manchester Dental Society Manchester NH
Nov 29 Greater New York Dental Meeting
New York NY
Feb 16 South Charlotte Study Club Charlotte NC
Mar 9 Pacific Dental Conference Vancouver BC
Mar 17 Course Crawl Milwaukee WI
Mar 31 Niagara Peninsula Dental Society Niagara-on-the-Lake ON
May 4 Michigan Dental Association Grand Rapids MI
In Dental Economics -- Strategies for navigating the dental industry labor shortage
It's no secret that dentistry (like most industries) is experiencing a labor shortage due to the pandemic and other factors. Try these suggestions for vetting applicants, attracting talent, and keeping staff happy during this trying time.
A common subject at conferences and in dental media lately is the shortage of people to hire. The sustained pre-COVID economic boom was already exerting pressure on the labor supply, and the past 18 months have made things much worse.
The American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA) states that 8% of dental hygienists have left the profession since COVID struck, and we have every reason to believe that the same is true for other dental office positions.
The View from the CEO's Chair
When I speak at conferences, the thing people are most interested in are the big embezzlement cases we have solved. People find it fascinating to learn about how an embezzler pulled off their crime, how they spent the stolen money, what got them caught and what happened to them afterward. To see an immersive multimedia "scrapbook" of a significant embezzlement crime we solved, click HERE.
However, some of our most important work happens in a different arena. We assist practice owners with proactively protecting themselves against embezzlement. Our proactive product, called Owner Proactive Strategies, involves helping dentists implement robust systems and gain financial control over their practices.
In the same way that brushing and flossing provide the cheapest and least intrusive pathway to healthy teeth, proper systems can protect a practice owner from considerable grief and expense.
Amber-Weber Gonzales and her team are tremendous at helping practice owners become confident in their ability to financially oversee their practices.
If you would like to discuss how you can get ahead of embezzlement in your practice, click HERE to speak with us.

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