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Juanita Simone Johnson

Kansas dentists are warned to be alert for Juanita Simone Johnson, DOB 12/20/1989, last known to be living in Johnson County, KS. She has at least five convictions for theft, forgery, and identity theft. Some of the convictions are a recent as 2020, and at least some of the convictions stem from her work in dental practices.

Dental practice owners are reminded to follow proper hiring protocols, including identity verification, criminal records check and speaking with former employers. For more information on how to hire people properly, click on the button below to view our webinar on forensic hiring.

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Florida Woman Arrested for Felony Embezzlement

Donna Marie Rothermel

Collier County deputies arrested a woman following a years-long investigation after she allegedly stole more than $50,000 from a Naples dentistry.

Donna Marie Rothermel, 47, was arrested at her home on a warrant. She is facing charges of scheming to defraud over $50,000 and grand theft between $20,000 to $100,000.

Investigators believe that Rothermel stole from the North Naples dental practice that she managed.

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office was contacted when suspicious financial transactions at Suncoast Dental Center were linked to Rothermel.

As Office Manager, Rothermel managed finances, payroll, tracking employee time, and record-keeping since 2004. Investigators discovered that she was running a long-term con to steal money from the dental practice.

Deputies discovered that Rothermel was converting company funds to use for her own personal expenses. Officials said the purchases ranged from pet products to vacuums to vitamins.

Authorities said she overpaid herself and another employee.

The investigation also revealed she overpaid herself and another employee via payroll and used the practice’s operating funds to pay back two 401(k) loans. Deputies located Rothermel at her residence after a warrant was issued for her arrest.

She was taken into custody and booked into the Collier County jail.

Content retrieved from: https://floridawoman.com/2021/08/14/florida-woman-arrested-following-investigation-she-allegedly-stole-more-than-50k-from-her-employer/

Another Ontario Serial Embezzler


Oshawa’s Jean Hakim is at it again. She was previously nailed in 2016 for embezzling from several practices (see our story HERE.)

And now there are fresh accusations from a different practice for theft that allegedly took place from 2019-2020 in a different practice. The following is from the Toronto Sun newspaper:

A 43-year-old Oshawa woman is accused of defrauding a dental clinic where she worked out of tens of thousands of dollars.

Durham Regional Police say officers with the financial crimes unit investigated the suspected misappropriation of funds at the clinic, which allegedly spanned from January 2019 until March 2020.

“Following an audit at My Dentist My Doctor clinic, investigators received reports of an office manager who was (allegedly) taking funds that had been received from customers for her own personal benefit,” Const. Crystal Fitzgerald said Wednesday in a statement outlining the accusations.

The clinic’s losses are believed to be about $40,000.

Jean Hakim, aka Jean Persaud, is charged with fraud over $5,000, theft over $5,000, possession of property obtained by crime over $5,000, and failure to comply with a probation order.

Content retrieved from https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/oshawa-dental-clinic-office-manager-accused-of-40000-fraud

This story is a good reminder of the need to do proper background investigation (including a criminal records check) before hiring. Check out our webinar on forensic hiring for some good tips.

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CA Woman Arrested for Embezzling from Dentist has Connection to Hell’s Angels

Katrina Maras

SONOMA — A relatively minor federal fraud case came about after federal agents raided a Santa Rosa home as part of their massive probe into the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, including an alleged murder and two unsolved disappearances, court records recently revealed.

Katrina Maras is charged in federal court with fraudulent use of an unauthorized access device; in layman’s terms, she allegedly used the company credit card for a dentist’s office where she worked to purchase roughly $12,800 in personal expenses. Maras has pleaded not guilty, was freed within days of her July 2020 arrest, and faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted, court records show.

However, recently filed court records revealed that a 2017 FBI raid that led to the seizure of evidence in Maras’ case wasn’t connected to her, but to her romantic partner at the time and his alleged ties to the Hells Angels. Neither Maras nor her partner were charged, but authorities confirmed in court records the raid was related to the 2017 indictment of a dozen Hells Angels, on charges of murder and mayhem.

During the raid, agents seized ammunition, suspected steroids, a ball peen hammer, and several electronic devices and SIM cards, according to an FBI receipt for property that was attached to a defense motion.

Maras’ partner’s link to the case was revealed in a failed defense motion seeking to get Maras’ statements to the FBI thrown out of court. The motion says Maras was pregnant with her second child on July 29, 2020, when a CHP officer and federal agents — some of them armed with AR-15 rifles — took her into custody and transported her young son to her partner.

Maras was then interviewed for two hours about the Hells Angels. The lead prosecutor in the Hells Angels case asked her questions about items seized in the 2017 raid, according to the defense memo, which argued any statements she made were involuntary.

“Although Ms. Maras did not expressly ask for a lawyer, she expressed concern that she should probably talk to an attorney because she was confused by the situation and she did not want to give the wrong answers,” her attorney, Dena Marie Young, wrote in court records. “The implication throughout the interviews was that if she answered their questions, she would be able to go home, but if she did not, she would be placed in custody and thus deprived of her job and her son.”

U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria barely entertained the motion, denying it in a four-sentence June 21 order that said the defense “has done nothing in her motion to create even an inference that that any of her statements during the interrogation at the courthouse were coerced or not properly mirandized,” of that law enforcement had been improper.

The Hells Angels indictment, filed in 2017, charges the defendants with murdering a sergeant-at-arms of the notorious biker gang at the Fresno clubhouse, over an internal conflict. Along the way, the FBI investigated two unsolved disappearances of other Hells Angels who were also last seen in the Fresno area. Prosecutors allege the victim, a Sonoma Hells Angel, was cremated after being shot in the head. Other charges include a brutal assault by a former Sonoma chapter member that authorities call a form of witness intimidation.

Content retrieved from https://www.eastbaytimes.com/2021/07/21/a-bay-area-dentist-office-embezzlement-case-is-somehow-tied-to-massive-probe-of-hells-angels-murder-investigation/?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=socialflow&utm_content=tw-EastBayTimes&utm_medium=social

You Don’t See This Every Day – NV Assistant Allegedly Broke into Office Where She Worked and Stole $23K

Laurel Eich

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) – A Reno woman is facing several felony charges, accused of breaking into a Sun Valley dental office, stealing more than $22,000 in cash and checks, and performing tooth extractions without a license.

The burglary happened May 3, 2021 on Sun Valley Boulevard. Deputies responded to an after-hours alarm call and found an open door and a broken window. They also found a total of $22,861 in cash and checks stolen from a cash drawer.

Washoe County Sheriff’s Office detectives identified an employee of the dental office, 42-year-old Laurel Eich, as a person of interest in the burglary.

During the investigation, detectives learned that Eich had previously performed 13 tooth extractions on one person. Eich admitted to detectives that she performed the medical procedure and used anesthetic disposed of by the dental office.


Content retrieved from: https://www.kolotv.com/2021/07/15/unlicensed-dental-office-employee-admits-performing-extractions/

Florida Woman Arrested and Charged With Embezzling from Orthodontist

Tasha Enid Almodovar

Prosperident’s Wendy Askins is someone who any embezzler should fear. In her role as Supervising Examiner, she has helped many orthodontists and dentists discover and put a stop to employee theft taking place in their offices.

Recently, another doctor was the beneficiary of Wendy’s well-honed skills, which resulted in the arrest of Tampa’s Tasha Enid Almodovar. Ms. Almodovar was arrested on June 23, 2021, and charged with Grand Theft Second Degree, which covers theft of between $20,000 and $100,000 and carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.

At the time of her arrest, she was reportedly working in another dental practice. All of us at Prosperident congratulate Wendy for her fine work on this case.

Tasha in happier times

Tasha’s next court appearance is July 19.

Joplin, MO Woman Charged with Stealing from Dental Office


A Joplin woman was arraigned this week on a charge that she stole more than $9,000 from a dental office.

Andrea L. Nikodim, 33, entered a plea of not guilty Wednesday at her arraignment in Jasper County Circuit Court on a count of felony stealing.

Court records show the charge was filed and a court summons sent to Nikodim on April 9 after an investigation by Joplin police. She has another court hearing on the matter scheduled for Aug. 11.

A probable-cause affidavit states that Joplin police were called Feb. 19 to Joplin Periodontics and Implant Dentistry in the 400 block of South Pearl Avenue regarding a forgery and theft complaint.

Dr. Humaira Habib spoke with the responding officer and provided him with photocopies of nine checks from her dental practice made out to her former office manager, Andrea Slater, who now goes by Andrea Nikodim, according to the affidavit. The checks were written on various dates between March 2019 and March 2020 and were for varying amounts ranging from $502 to $2,500. They added up to $9,121.05.

Habib told the officer that she had confronted Slater in March 2020 after a training trip she had taken to Arizona about a check she had written herself for $502 using a signature stamp bearing Habib’s name. Habib told the officer that the training fees and trip expenses were to be paid by her office, but Slater could not recall what the additional check covered and promised to pay Habib back.

The affidavit states that she never paid the money back, which led to Habib deciding to dig deeper into office expenditures and her discovery of nine checks she believed were forged by Slater using her signature stamp.

The affidavit states that the defendant, who in the meantime had gone to work for a Joplin chiropractor, became defensive and began calling Habib a liar when confronted about the checks by the officer.

She was arrested in February. But the charge was not filed and the summons sent until April.

Content retrieved from: https://www.joplinglobe.com/news/crime_and_courts/joplin-woman-charged-with-stealing-from-dental-office/article_829937f6-c4b8-11eb-972e-c741ae993cac.html

Virginia Office Manager Convicted for Victimizing Orthodontist

Karen Tenney

Karen Denise Tenney of Virginia Beach pled guilty to embezzling from a local orthodontist. Ms. Tenney was arrested on February 19, 2020 and charged with a Class U Felony. She pled guilty on February 3, 2021 and was given a five-year suspended sentence with a further five years of probation. She was also ordered to repay $25,000 to the victim, and forfeit her firearms permit.

Prosperident Supervising Examiner Wendy Askins conducted the investigation that resulted in the conviction of Ms. Tenney.

Florida Woman Charged With Grand Theft & Fraud After Allegedly Stealing Over $65,000 In Medication

Patricia Johnson

Lakeland, Florida – The Lakeland Police Department arrested a Lakeland woman for grand theft, fraud and other charges stemming from the alleged theft of more than $65,000 in medication from her employer.

On May 12, 2021 Lakeland Police Arrested Patricia Johnson, DOB: 9/8/1965, of Lakeland. Her employer Lakeland Pediatric Dentistry found medication missing and allege Johnson is responsible. The following is a long exerpt from the Lakeland Police affidavit and specifically Detective Heather Benthal (It should be noted that this is an unedited report of facts by the Lakeland Police Department. These facts are up for question and everyone is entitled to question the validity of facts by law enforcement in a court of law. The Daily Ridge does not rewrite these facts as some meanings or interpretations could be in error and change context. We hope readers appreciate being able to read the information and come to their own understanding and conclusions).

On 1/29/21 at 1446 pm I was advised to respond to Lakeland Pediatric Dentistry located at 1111 North Parkway Frontage Rd, Lakeland, Polk County, FL in reference to an employee stealing medications from the business. I was further advised the employee had stolen more medication that day and had been caught via hidden camera. The employee, later identified as Patricia “Tricia” Johnson, was still on property and was unaware of the discovery by her employers.

Upon my arrival, I made contact with Dr. Aaron Scheps, one of the partners in the dental office. I conducted a sworn/recorded interview with Dr. Scheps.

Dr. Scheps advised me he had noticed medication missing from their crash cart in late December while conducting inventory. The crash cart is only used in emergencies and is usually inventoried when medications are set to expire. While inventory was being conducted, he noticed the Clonidine/Diazepam 10mg, which is used for high blood pressure/hypertension, was nearly gone. The bottle contained 100 pills originally, but currently only had 3 in it. Dr. Scheps advised they had not had any dental emergencies that required use of any of these medications, so the bottle should have been full. Out of concern that the pills may have been stolen, he ordered a new bottle to monitor the contents on a daily basis. Shortly after the new bottle arrived, he again checked the contents and 40 pills had been removed. Based on this, Dr. Scheps ordered a surveillance camera to place in the lab, an area that is accessed by several employees and is not an area where privacy is expected. When the initial camera malfunctioned, he ordered another. On 1/19/21, While waiting for the new camera to arrive, Dr. Scheps also discovered that some Meperidine/Demerol (Schedule II narcotic) vials had been tampered with. One of the vials was completely empty and others had the tops removed and were re-attached with hotglue.

On 1/26/21, the new camera was operational. Dr. Scheps observed the camera footage taken that day and observed one of his employees, Patricia “Tricia” Johnson enter the lab area. She removed the medication cabinet key from a drawer and unlocked the cabinet. She then removed a new/unused large bottle of Meperidine Syrup (500m) and placed it in her purse.
On 1/27/21, Dr. Scheps observed Patricia Johnson place a vial of Midazolam 10m) directly into her purse from the cabinet.
Dr. Scheps checked the medication logs and noticed Patricia Johnson has been ordering several medications and in quantities the doctors were not aware of, nor would they have approved had they known. He also noticed several discrepancies and the inventory was not accurate to the amounts the records reflected.

On 1/29/21, Dr. Scheps noticed a shipment of Midazolam (10-12 boxes) had arrived. He took the keys to the medication cabinet and placed them on his person to avoid the medications from being removed without his knowledge. When be entered the lab later in the day, be observed the cabinet was standing open. The medication side door was ajar and the right side, where the log was kept, was closed and locked. Dr. Scheps asked Patricia Johnson if she had logged the order into the written log and she advised she had, Dr. Scheps, knowing he had possession of the keys, asked her again if she was sure she logged the shipment. She again stated yes. When Dr. Scheps advised that he had the keys and the log side of the cabinet was locked, he stated she was suspicious in her answers. When Dr. Schep later checked the camera feed, he observed Patricia retrieve a set of keys from her person, open the left side medication cabinet and place a box of Midazolam in her purse. Dr. Schep then knew Patricia had made herself a personal copy of the medication cabinet keys.
Dr. Scheps then showed me camera footage from the camera bidden in the lab on his computer. On 1/26/21 at 1311 hrs, I observed a white female with blonde hair, that Dr. Scheps identified as Patricia Johnson, place what he identified as Meperidine syrup (500m) in her purse. On 1/28/21 at 1252 hrs, the same female retrieved a vial of Midazolam, from the cabinet and place it in her purse. On 1/29/21, the video displayed the same female retrieving a box of Medazolam and place it in the same purse.

Dr. Scheps then showed me camera footage from the camera hidden in the lab on his computer. On 1/26/21 at 1311 hrs, I observed a white female with blonde hair, that Dr. Scheps identified as Patricia Johnson, place what he identified as Meperidine syrup (500m) in her purse. On 1/28/21 at 1252 hrs, the same female retrieved a vial of Midazolam, from the cabinet and place it in her purse. On 1/29/21, the video displayed the same female retrieving a box of Medazolam and place it in the same purse.

Dr. Scheps estimates the amounts of missing/stolen prescription medications to be approximately $10,000 in value, however, after a full audit of the medications ordered and not administered, the actual stolen value was discovered to be $66,504.33.

Upon conducting a post-Miranda recorded interview with Johnson, she began to lie to me several times throughout the interview. When Johnson was confronted with the information that she had been captured via surveillance camera stealing medications, she admitted that she had been stealing them from her employer due to her husband losing his insurance. Patricia Johnson advised her husband had been prescribed Medazolam by his physician, Dr. Hostler, but due to the loss of insurance, she couldn’t afford the medication. Due to this, she began stealing the medications around September/October 2020 for her husband, who suffered a stroke in July 2020 leaving him with brain damage and seizures. When confronted with the large amount of Meperidine (Demerol) that had been stolen, she advised she had surgery in February 2020 and was taking the Demerol herself for pain.

Upon pulling a medication history for Ronald, it was discovered that he had never been prescribed Medazolam by any of his physicians.

Upon pulling a medication history for Patricia, it was discovered that she had never been prescribed Demerol by any of her physicians.

Patricia voluntarily signed a written consent to search for her purse to retrieve the stolen items from her purse. In the center zipper area of Patricia’s purse, which was located in the lab office that the medication was kept in, I retrieved a box of Medazolam that contained 10 unopened vials. It appeared to be the same box that she was captured on surveillance video stealing. I also located several syringes, a cutting instrument (believed to have been used to carefully cut labels and remove vial tops carefully where Patricia later glued them back on the vial to appear in tact). I also located a small bottle that Patricia identified as Demerol liquid and a water bottle with ‘TJ” marked on the lid that Patricia stated also contained Demerol, There were also used vials of injectible Demerol and 2 additional vials of Midazolame.

Patricia also voluntarily signed a written consent to search for her residence located at 2590 Walker Rd,
Lakeland to retrieve the remainder of the stolen medications and empty vials from her residence. Upon asking Patricia if she would allow us to come to her residence to retrieve the remaining medications, syringes and vials,
she consented.

Patricia led Det. Anderson and I into her bedroom and retrieved the items from various locations around her bedroom. I observed an uncapped syringe and a partially used vial on the dresser. Patricia advised since her husband just had a seizure, one of the family members must have given him an injection. Patricia had a large amount of empty vials in baskets and boxes that were hidden throughout her bedroom. She also had unused medication in her safe, which she turned over to me. Det. Carver arrived and Patricia also allowed him to enter. There was a large amount of used vials of Midazolam and Meperidine (Demerol). Multiple unused syringes were also recovered, which Patricia advised were taken from the dental office. Det Anderson and I collected all of the recovered items. Patricia also voluntarily provided her uniforms to us to return to the dental omce, as tbey requested ber not to return. I advised Patricia that I would return the uniforms for her when I returned to the office to retrieve additional evidence being prepared by Scheps. Upon looking at the legs of the uniform pants, some of them appeared to have puncture/needle marks in the upper legs of the pants.

Due to Patricia being the primary caretaker for Ronald und there being a lot of required documentation that would need to be obtained from the medical suppliers, as wen as a medication audit that needed to be conducted by the dental office, it was determined that charges would be filed with the State Attorney’s Office on a later date.
A spreadsheet detailing the medication audit, as well as the above recovered items were entered into LPD property and evidence.
Due to the three different incidents of theft that were captured on video, I charged Patricia Johnson with three counts of Theft of a Controlled Substance. These thefts were identified by Dr. Scheps as Meperidine (Demerol) on 1/26/21 at 1311 hrs, Midazolam on 1/28/21 at 1252 hrs and Midazolam again on 1/29/21. Miperidine is a Schedule II controlled narcotic and Midazolam is a Schedule IV controlled narcotic.
Due to the large amount of medications that were stolen, along with a large number of syringes, the tampering with multiple vials and bottles of medicadon which created a loss of these items to the business, Patricia was also charged with Grand Theft $20,000 < $100,000.
Patricia was also charged with Fraudulently obtaining prescription medications due to her ordering medications she wasn’t authorized to order in quantities and concentrations she wasn’t authorized to order, using Dr. Tarver’s DEA login.

On 2/24/2021 I was advised by Scheps that they had discovered 12 seperate DEA 222 forms that Patricia had forged the doctor’s names upon to authorize the ordering of Meperidine 50mg/5ml from Henry Schein and
Southern Anesthesia. These companies are medical suppliers that the dental office utilized for their supplies.
Dr. Scheps advised none of the victims/doctors would ever consent to, nor authorize Patricia to fraudulently sign their names to any forms. Dr. Bopp and Dr. Tarver confirmed to Dr. Scheps that the forms (entered into evidence) displayed a signature that was not their own on 12 seperate occasions and desired prosecution. Due to this, Patricia was also charged with 12 counts of Criminal use of personal identification.”

Johnson was arrested on May 12, 2021 and taken to Polk County Jail. On May 13, 2021 Johnson was released from prison after posting $9,000 bond.

Content retrieved from: https://www.dailyridge.com/en/2021/05/22/lakeland-woman-charged-with-grand-theft-fraud-after-allegedly-stealing-over-65000-in-medication/

Virginia Woman Indicted for Six Counts of Embezzlement

Jenelle Cook-Cash

WAYNESBORO — Police arrested a Greenville woman earlier this week after she was accused of ripping off a Waynesboro dental practice of nearly $40,000, according to police.

Court records indicate the victim was Dr. Angel Ray, who has an office on Chicurel Lane in Waynesboro.

The Waynesboro Police Department began investigating in October after an employee at the office alerted authorities to a possible string of thefts following a records audit, Capt. David Shaw said.

The captain said the suspect, who used to work at the office, is accused of stealing payments from patients. Shaw said the alleged thefts began in 2017 and reportedly continued into 2020.

All told, more than $38,000 was taken from the dental practice, Shaw said.

On Monday, the Waynesboro grand jury indicted Jenelle Cook-Cash, 35, of Greenville, on six felony counts of embezzlement.

Police arrested Cook-Cash on Tuesday following the indictments. She posted a $2,500 personal recognizance bond, Shaw said, and is awaiting trial in Waynesboro Circuit Court.

A trial date has not been set.

Content retrieved from https://www.newsleader.com/story/news/local/2021/05/14/suspect-embezzlement-case-indicted-augusta-county/5071616001/