Canadians DO Embezzle — BC’s Kim Stephens Gets Convicted

Kim Stephens

Kim Stephens, of British Columbia, was recently convicted for “fraud over $5,000,” which is the most serious fraud offense in Canada. Kim was sentenced to 12 months of house arrest, a further year of probation, plus was ordered to pay restitution of $95,324 to a victim of her crime. Kim also has a prohibition against handling money or monetary instruments in the course of her work.

Kim has worked in several dental practices in the Vancouver area, and her employment has generally not ended in a positive way. She also worked for a time as a consultant offering services to dentists.

Prosperident’s Senior Fraud Examiner Dr. Pat Little performed the investigation leading to the conviction of Kim Stephens.

Lessons Learned from Kim Stephens

This is a good reminder to observe our usual cautions about checking with former employers before hiring.

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